I spent the entire work shift at the hospital today

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    This is a long read but hey, it took me even longer to type it.

    I had a hernia 3 years ago from lifting weights and I had surgery on it. I figured since it had been 3 years I was probably in good enough shape to be able to handle the UPS work load. Well Friday after I left work I felt soreness in the area where my hernia occurred and I didn't pay any attention to it because sometimes if I over exert myself I feel soreness in that area any way.

    Well the soreness turned into pain over the weekend but got a little better by this morning. I got to work this afternoon and I was doing the regular loading packages and pushing the mis-sort slide and I noticed I was moving a lot slower because of the pain. A lady that toured me around the building my first week walked by me at the slide and asked how I was doing so I told her and she suggested that I see the doctor so I said ok.

    When I was upstairs the first thing they asked me was why didn't I tell them Friday that I had a pain so I told them I thought it was just sore and then they kept on asking me questions that sounded like they were trying to catch me in a lie so that I couldn't sue them or something. So finally they called me a cab and I went to the hospital where the doctor told me I had a groin strain and told me I was good to go to work tomorrow. He prescribed me some Ibuprofen and told me to ice my groin and sent me on my way.

    When I got back to UPS the safety people pretty much told me it was all my fault that I got hurt and sent me on my way. My supervisor asked me how I was doing. Seemed concerned whether or not I could work a full work shift tomorrow. I told him yes I could and he sent me on my way.

    I gotta get out of UPS and fast!

    Also they messed up my check Friday. Instead of being paid for the 20hrs I worked I only got paid for 16. When I told my boss about it he said he'd have to do some research on the matter and get back to me. What does that even mean?
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    Well first, to put it bluntly you're an idiot to start working while in pain.

    That is how UPS accident investigations go, they spent/spend millions of dollar researching and teaching proper methods, and if you follow those methods you wont get hurt.

    I know you union guys wont agree with me but......looking into the matter is a must, it could be a missed time card, a missed clock, or a payroll error. If its the centers fault they get charged for a adjustment, if its payroll they get charged, did you leave a copy of the stub in question?
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    The pain wasn't that bad thats why I kept on working. I wasn't raised to cry over a little pain. Also I notice that a lot of you on this site would sacrifice your first born child if it meant defending UPS honor.
  4. drewed

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    But it was enought to affect your work?

    Im not defending UPS's honor Im stating facts, thats how things work at UPS and most people if it when from soreness to pain would have pointed it out before they started work. Also the reasons the sups flip a lid on you is you shouldnt have soreness while at work, if soreness is from working a muscle it comes after the muscle has cooled down hours down the road, if it happens during work, you are either pulling something or have pulled something
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    If they short you more than $15 then they have to pay you with in 2 work days. File a grievance for sure if it is not there by the next Friday.

    I would not trust the first Dr. If it is still hurting then you need to go back to a Dr of some sort and ask for an MRI.

    I just talked to one guy who said the UPS Dr he went to said only a sprained ankle. After a second opinion and an MRI he found out he tore a tendon and a ligament.

    Still another guy told me that same UPS Dr office told him he had a sprained knee. After a second opinion and MRI he found out he had a torn tendon and partial tear of a ligament
    All UPS wants to do is force you back to work as cheaply and quickly as they can and hope your knee or ankle goes bad off the clock over the weekend so they can deny it is their problem.
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    Don't worry about fault. They certainly like to assign blame! As long as it happened at work, you're all set. I think you should have your steward with you at these interrogations, tho.

    I disagree with Dr Dreweds medical assessment (I'm also reasonably sure Drewed is NOT a doctor). Don't get your diagnosis at BrownCafe. If you're uncomfortable with the UPS doctors' diagnosis, by all means, see your own doctor.
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    Well, to put it bluntly, you're an idiot simply because you're an idiot.
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    I would, very strongly, urge you to see your own doctor anyway. It's a well know fact that UPS doctors have only one goal in mind and it has NOTHING to do with your health and well being.:sad-little:
  9. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Drewed? Or the original poster who worked while injured & ignored it?
  10. Fnix

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    Why didnt you just tell them you got hurt Monday instead of Friday?
  11. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Or, bring in a gun, hold them all up & take their wallets? Same thing.
  12. sx2700

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    First one, then the other.
  13. hyena

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    I would think integrity and the fact you should be honest. And trust me I know these things dont always mean anything at UPS. Chances are theyll screw you for it.
  14. rod

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    Bring in a gun?----------- OK I will admit that though entered my mind a few times during my career:peaceful:
  15. drewed

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    How can you base that off the FACTS in that post?
    Theyre all true, you shouldnt work in pain, UPS very rarely accepts responsibility for injuries, and it could be the employees fault for not recording his time correctly so it needs to be investigated.

    No Im not a doctor, he should have gone to the doctor as soon as he was in pain and called his sup. Not wait over the weekend then come to work and try to work in pain. Its hard to prove a comp claim if you spend the weekend doing God knows what.
  16. sx2700

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    So.....are you saying you don't like being called an idiot? Maybe the original poster didn't either. Didn't your momma teach you that if you haven't got something nice to say then don't say it? BTW.....mine didn't.
  17. drewed

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    Thats not the issue, anyway you cut it, it was dumb to work when you could possibly injured. This isn't a pro sports team, you dont need to play injured and UPS wont fall apart without you. What he did was suspicious in the sups mind (i would have given my employees a strange look if they came to me like this) and thats the reason he got the response he got.
  18. stevetheupsguy

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    I got hurt in 2000, while on the job. I went to the UPS doc, accompanied by my supe. The supe went in to talk to the doc first and when I got in the Doc treated me like I was faking. She recommended light duty and to see her back in a week. I did just that and felt a bit better so I went back to work after I saw her again. The problem flared up a week or so later and I reported it this to my supe. He called me an F'n liar to my face and said I didn't belong at UPS and threatened to have me fired. I told him I was hurt and that it didn't matter what he thought just that I needed to go to the Doc again. He sent me off to the same Doc who this time referred me to an ortho surgeon. The ortho sent me for a MRI which he said showed nothing. He referred me for physical therapy and back to work after it concluded. After I returned to work the pain returned at which time I reported it again to my supervisor. This went on for 6 mos mind you. I was referred to another ortho surgeon. This ortho reccomended another MRI, this time with a contrasting agent. This MRI showed that I had torn cartilage in my hip, which occurred as I was leaping in and out of the pkg car trying to impress my boss with my stats. This tear required surgery and rehab. All told I was out on comp 2 1/2 years. I gaind almost 70lbs and was the record holder for most visits to this particular rehab. (Which I hold with honor.) All this time my boss had told me I was wrong and even Dr.s had said the same thing. It pays to get a second opinion. I have been back to work since late 2002 and haven't had any further problems. Though mgmt tried to fire me by riding my butt for the first 6 mos after I returned. I proved my worth though and am no longer troubled by them over this matter. And I am no longer killing my body to be productive.
  19. dilligaf

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    WOW, somebody that learned the benefits of not killing themselves for UPS. Congratulations. Sorry if I sound sarcastic. I try not to be. We have several drivers that have learned, after the fact, not to abuse their bodies. We have several drivers, though, that have not learned that and have repeated injuries. One of our drivers just went out on an injury again and could not understand why the company was claiming this a previous off the job injury.

    I have no intention of abusing my body and as yet have not had any injuries.
  20. mr_bennet

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    I hope UPS pays you very well. I wasn't taught too sit down and cry every time you have a little pain which is why I went back to work. You talk like I wanted to sue them or something. I admire your post though because your not afraid to insult someone when you feel they should be insulted, but it's also sad that because of that you will not get very far in life. Probably not in UPS either.

    Thanks to everyone else though for your feedback.