I was re-hired at UPS, some questions.

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    I've been there for about a month so far, I worked as a package handler for a year in 2008 and decided after several jobs, that this one was the one I liked the most. I'm actually working in the same PD, with the same people and they all remember me. Just today, my sup told me that I got my seniority back. I asked him if that can actually happen and he said my full time sup told him to let me know. He said he'll look at my check tomorrow to see if there are any sick days/vacation time on there, etc.

    Now on to the questions:

    I'm in the middle of peak season now, so the days I'm working now don't count towards my seniority, I was told after Christmas is when Day 1 starts. I've paid my union dues in the past, but will I have to pay them again?

    Can I apply for the position driving the brown car? (I know it takes years to actually get accepted and such), but if my seniority IS back, I'll have one year with the company, so is it possible to apply for that position?

    Throughout that year, I got my 90 day $1 raise and another $1 for learning the pick off, I assume none of that will get factored in? (Lol, wishful thinking).

    Benefits. Would I have to wait another full year for the benefits?

    Last, but not least..I've heard of a contract going on that will raise the wage of package handlers to $10.00/hr. Is that confirmed or is the decision yet to be made?

    I plan on asking all of these questions to my sup tomorrow, but I figured I ask here just to see if anyone can give me a heads up/a bit more information about it.
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    Your management team should be able to clarify all of these issues for you at the next PCM

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    $10 confirmed. No 90 day raise now. You said day 1 is first day after Christmas. So I assume that means you will have to wait for all benefits.

    You can sign any bid you wish. I doubt past seniority is back.

    Hope you got a withdrawal card when you left, or you'll probably have to pay init fees again.
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    Any idea when the $10 wage will take place? And HR told me about the withdrawal card, unfortunately I didn't though.
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    Sounds like you are a new employee again. Welcome back. Had one guy do that like three times. Boxline slide sorter. Just put him back up there like he was on vacation or something.
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    I suggest you write a letter to your Local Unions principal officer/executive board explaining the situation, and ask them to waive the back dues.
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    I know that your management team will work to resolve all the concerns you have as fast as possible.

    Management is there for you.
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    You're a new hire and will follow wage, vacation and benefit progression accordingly. You won't receive credit for previous time worked, you won't receive credit for time worked toward vacation, you won't receive credit for time worked toward benefits.

    - You will start at $8.50/hour. You will receive the $1 premium if you perform qualified work. You will receive a $1 raise after 90-days.
    - We have ratified a new contract that will increase your starting pay to $10, keep the $1 premium but eliminate the 90-day raise. Once this contract is implemented, your pay will be adjusted accordingly, you will receive back pay and you will follow the new (increased) wage progression. It is unclear whether your time worked as a seasonal employee will count, but don't expect it.
    - In many areas, the seasonal period extends through the second or third week January. You may be classified as a seasonal employee through that time period. Although it's not reflected in the past contract (new one, however), many locals/regions struck a backdoor deal with the company. I don't like it, either.
    - You will receive benefits and paid time off after one year.
    - You will be considered a new employee, but any past disciplinary problems/injuries/etc. can and will be held against you.


    We have one guy who worked for UPS from 1993-2008 in another state, then get rehired at my facility last year. His wage, benefits and paid time off are calculated from last year's date... but he's been able to manipulate management into believing he has a 1993 seniority date, thus things that are doing locally (extra work, time off selection, job classification selection, etc.) go by his 1993 date. Maybe you can play that game too.