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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Floyd Gondolli, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I was recently googling the candidates for the upcoming election for the presidency of the IBT. trying to get info. on Hoffa, Pope and that other guy lol. Watching footage on youtube blah blah. I stumbled across this website thru googling and been putting in some time reading the various blogs and topics. I came across the topic "who are you going to vote for and why" and no dis-respect to the others who put in their 2 cents, but your comments cemented my vote. It got dropped off in the mail today. With that said..............I am at a hub in So Cal. Been with the company since 2003. been Cover Driving since 2007. Sat Air driving since 2006. The first couple of years of driving was great then the economy went in the toilet and our building has been hit hard with Utility layoffs. Routes being dissolved. Route Drivers getting hammered with the extra work and being a Cover Driver i get burned the worst, especially after the first few years. I get a week here and there, a day here and there, but it's spotty at best. UPS is really tightening the screws but we all know this and i think your in So Cal so your feeling me. My question.... the word on the floor seems to be that there will be a lot of Feeder Drivers retiring before the next contract. This seems to be the only way that 2000 to 2003 or so seniority dated P/T will move up. Being that there are a ton of Package guys waiting to go and to stop bouncing back and forth from package to feeder, thus bringing up the P/T. What do you think? All feedback encouraged.
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    TOS as your info source?
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    hurry up and wait
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    My original title was directed to "The other Side" whoever edited my title must be a Rebublican.

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    "The Other Side" is a wise man. He also knows your language in So. Cal. I think you're probably on the right track if retirements do occur. Good luck buddy.

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    You got me Moreluck. I have no idea if "the other side" is man, woman or beast. I apologize, but I still listen to Bob.
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    I listen to Bob too....not the same one as you.