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  1. gman042

    gman042 Been around the block a few times

    With temperatures near -25 and wind chill approaching -40/45 the last few days we were told today that our idle time as a group was too high. Who needs heat anyway?
  2. OptimusPrime

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    Damn. You deliver in the northern Saskatchewan?[h=3][/h]
  3. Anonymous 10

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    File a grievance under article 18.
  4. Indecisi0n

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    I run the truck until I feel comfortable. I could careless about my idle time. Newer trucks I can normally run the heat with doors closed and bulkhead door closed and even with turning the heat off after a few mins it stays warm. If I'm in an old 8 I run the heat for almost the entire hour I'm on lunch.
  5. hurricanegunner

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    This is no different than the occasional ranting about cutting down on miles. During one of their, "We need to cut down on the miles," speeches, one of our stewards chimed in: "You tell me how many miles you want me to run. I'll run that number of miles and bring the rest of the route back." It was the last time they said anything about miles.
  6. BrownArmy

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    Ignore that nonsense.

    I was covering a route for a week and I got a message mid-morning that my idle-time was too high.

    I replied that ALL my idle-time was sitting in traffic..."should I shut the truck off in between stop-and-go traffic?"... (on the biggy two lane each way state-highway, in between two major other highway intersections, which is always a c-phuq...)

    Reply: "No, don't do that".

  7. toonertoo

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    LOL, it is everywhere.
  8. gman042

    gman042 Been around the block a few times

    The newer trucks seem to have heaters that will run you right out of the cab. They move a large volume of air and it is hot. The older trucks have heaters that could not melt an ice cube at full blast. Bitter cold is a hazard to health. Injuries can occur because a body is not warmed. They were worried about roll aways and someone stealing a truck. Before telematics we left trucks running all the time without theft and roll aways.
  9. DS

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    Colorado I think
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  10. gman042

    gman042 Been around the block a few times

  11. soberups

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    If they persist in nagging about your idle time, you could always politely suggest that they share their concerns with someone who gives a :censored2:. Even if by some miracle you found a way to reduce your idle time down to zero, they would simply invent something else to bitch about. You cant make them happy, so why bother trying?
  12. kingOFchester

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    This is the precise reason why I always answer back with "I will work on that". Followed up the next day with "How am I doing" and a "geez, I thought I did better........ I will try harder today."

    Like my grandmother would always told me "The devil you know may be better then the devil you don't".
  13. brownmonster

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    I'm real concerned about idle time. Why don't the Supes use all that idle time and go drum up some business. We have work to do.
  14. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    The two step path to management success at UPS:

    Step One--pull some random, irrelevant number out of your ass.

    Step Two--chase it.

    Repeat as necessary, making sure to generate lots of reports in the process. Bonus points for inventing some sort of acronym to go along with it. If you can train the work group to recite that acronym, that right there is another "accomplishment" for you to take credit for. Remember that, while there may be a strict limit on the number of routes you are allowed to dispatch, there is no limit on the amount of printer ink you are allowed to use.
  15. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    They try this crap in feeders a lot. When I got stuck in a snowstorm, and had to park, no one said anything to me about running my tractor while I waited for a ride. I had nearly 300 minutes of idle time. Even if they would have, it would have fallen on deaf ears. When I first went driving in feeders, they said something about it to me. I asked him if I turned off my tractor while the weather was in single digits, was he going to turn off the heat in the feeder office too? He just laughed and walked off.

    If you are in feeders, and care what UPS says about idle time in the winter, you should stand up for yourself, but if you don't, don't put your employee id in the IVIS until after you have hooked up and are ready to leave. For some drivers, that could over an hour. All of that time won't show up until after you put your id in the IVIS. So your idle time won't start until you are leaving.

    But I wouldn't worry about. Tell them your doctor advised you against getting frostbite.
  16. anonymous6

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    where i take my meal and breaks it has been consistantly below zero. the motor is ON.
  17. sortaisle

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    Gotta love it when idle times generate a stupid email from your local district offices where it's prolly not nearly as cold.
  18. bluehdmc

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    You're right in that your idle time will be low, but then they will ask why you're start work time is so long (SW). It's just something else for them to b*tch about and who really cares. They haven't bugged us about idle time lately. Now they're on the "did you experience any delays?" or "why are you late" leaving the yard kick.
    Traffic usually works well. Tell them you had to wait 5-10 mins for someone to back a 53' into a spot designed for 40'.

    We get the umpteen safety messages on the IVIS, 3 yesterday, one said, "The weather conditions are changing, is your driving?" or some crap like that. If a driver has an accident within 1/2hr an announcement goes over the IVIS "a xxxx driver had a sideswipe accident at the Lincoln Tunnel".
  19. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Your start work time doesn't change. You still leave at the same time you always would, you just don't enter your numbers until just before you leave.
  20. anonymous6

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    idle time is one of Jan "flavor of the month "

    feb , it's

    march, it's.....

    april. it's..........

    may, it's...........

    and so on.