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    Okay so for the last couple months I've been getting harrassed by management for my route not planning. Well they changed my route starting this last friday and it planned well (I'm a hero again...). Well over the weekend the time allowance changed and it planned less on monday morning... Well my center mgr and dispatch sup changed the allowance back to what it was friday and the same day IE called the center mgr and told them (IE) they changed the allowance and they should have not changed it back.... IE threatened to fire them for changing the allowance back so my center mgr went to the DM and he said that he didn't authorize the allowance change by IE...

    Being that I was told about this by my center manager and I have been getting harrassed for quite a while. Do I have a leg to stand on for filing a HR corporate complaint on IE for changing allowances without doing any kind of time study? Isn't it stealing time if they are taking the time without informing the DM,center manager, or dispatch sup.... Especially the one person who is effected by there BS changes, mainly ME>>>>> I'm :censored2:!!!! What if anything can I do????
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    Unfortunately not a damn thing, but I hope that at least your center manager does the right thing and shakes your hand and apologizes for the undue harassment.
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    The most important thing is ... don't worry about over/under allowed.
    That is a management thing unless you are in a bonus center.
    You can only be held accountable to a standard set by a supervisor riding with you and establishing an over/under allowed goal.

    The confusing thing about your post is that the Center management can not change allowances. IE works the allowances up and puts the new allowances in the system.
    The center manager and Div Mgr may request/insist that the allowances be reviewed with them before implementation and that is reasonable SOP request.

    Any changing of the allowances by center management is a grave offense and compromises the accountability system the center management is measured by.
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    My dispatch sup is authorized to change time allowance discrepancies up in IE and they changed it back to what it previously was in the recent past.
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    not even then can you be held accountable no day is the same no stop is the same I know it has been quite awhile ago that you were a driver but....
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    I was speaking in theory. :wink2:
    It can be done but it is very, very hard to do.
    Seen it maybe 3 times in over 30 years.
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    "Figures dont lie...but liars figure".

    Just focus on doing your job the right way, and let the bean-counters fight each other like rabid dogs over how they want the numbers to look.

    Be grateful for the fact that you have job security and they dont. You provide a serivice by delivering packages--all they do is manipulate statistics.
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    then how is it that many drivers have lost 1-2 hrs. in time without benefit of time studies........while the "glory boys", have maintained, or gained additional time allowances......UM..AH..just wondering
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    lol. A Part Time PDS would know how to change them in their first week working with DPS. If you "locked out" (I'm assuming what you're implying is that it is "locked out") DPS' functionality would be even further diminished. The most a district could do would be to limit RACF ideas used to long onto DPS or contol their restrictions........ I can assure that if that is happening ANYWHERE it is the exception, not the rule.

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    Teamsters love the word "Harassment" don't they? Is it because it's the biggest word you know or because it's your way of hiding from
    scary management.

    "Harassment is any physical or verbal abuse of a person because of their race, religion, age, gender, disability or any other legally protected status. Harassment in the workplace can further be clarified as any conduct that creates significant anguish to another person, with the intent to bother, scare or emotionally abuse them."

    You guys don't fall into the Harassment category you fall into the Baby category. I hope you are kids. Please tell me you aren't grown adults...
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    Quit stealing Tieguys routine. He`s much better at it and doesn`t come across as a douchbag when he does it.

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    I don't even know who tieguy is.
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    You aren't fit to carry his literary jockstrap.
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    Then why is it for the first time in months I was recognized in PCM for doing such a great job for yesterdays work where I planned and scratched............. Instead of being scorned, my sparcs being pulled out, threatened by the DM, and talked down too like I have been for the last couple months... There numbers are all that matters and if you don't plan then its the drivers fault.......

    Yesterday I was a ZERO and Today I'm a frickin HERO and tommorrow.... well it depends on how much IE changes my frickin allowances again!!!!!!
    Soooooo Fyou UPS DIRTY :censored2: SOCKS!!!!
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    I was not talking about changing them from an administrative point of view (system access - although that should be tight).
    I was talking about if center management changed them and it was found out, they would be terminated or severe disciplinary action taken against them.
    That is a form of cooking the numbers. I have been personally involved in these investigations and every time the center management team was terminated.
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    It would be nice if you expanded the acronym's at least once before using them so some of us knew what you were talking about.

    You don't think that a Supervisor calling his employee a baby is harassment? Let me tell you something from my point of view. If you were my Supervisor and you spoke that way to me, I'd consider it harassment. Now don't get me wrong, just because you called me a baby as a form of harassing me and I reported your actions, doesn't mean we won't have "words" off of the job site.


    Just like a rookie supe, jumping into the fray and suddenly getting pants'ed by cach.

    Do you wear a grim reaper outfit when you do these investigations?
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    I'm not sure I understand??? I thought the DPS standards are downloaded automatically from GTS? I am aware of a "back door" way to edit the DPS standards (we were taught to do this for special situations). I was taught, and I don't remember how to do it.

    Will a new part time DPS really know how to do that?

    Something just doesn't make sense here anyway. Its easier for the PDS to just edit their planning target than to screw around with allowances. By the way, allowances are not route specific.

    Why do you think not editing allowances diminishes functionality. I've personally used DPS and have never seen a need to edit allowances.

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    Tieguy comes off as a fair supe you wouldn't mind dealing with day to day. We have a knob like Socks in our building. What a beauty.
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