If Pilots strike and drivers go too, Are the UPS Stores expected to as well?

Discussion in 'UPS Airline / Gateway' started by upsdreamin, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. upsdreamin

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    Some reports from UPS Stores say that their drivers are telling them that they expect them to honor the Pilot's strike if it happens. What do you all think they should do?
  2. markbell

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    What do you all think they should do?

    Who? The UPSS? Tell him/her (driver) youll enjoy working with whoever happens to replace them in the future. Then call their center and tell their center manager that (whoever) has been in your shop making threatening statements and that you dont want him/her back. Thatll cause a little problem (not really as far as the driver is concerned), but if s/he persists, keep complaining and tell the center manager s/hes no longer welcome on your premises and/or go to court and get a protective order for harassment.

    That wont adversely affect the driver as much as the management team but it does give them a glaring look into who is causing a problem and who isnt. That can be useful later.

    The drivers? They can do whatever they want. Im of the opinion that there should be *NO* UPS hourly with a hire date prior to about March of 1998 or so. But thats just me.

    The pilots? Too late theyve stepped in it too many times - force their hand.

    Id clear the system starting yesterday. No pickups clean the system out as neat as a pin the whole shebang. On Monday morning you meet with the mediator and tell him self help is the only option available now. The time to put up or shut up is long gone.

    Start selling/parking planes. UPS will no longer have an airline, mechanics, or pilots.

    Then start spinning off the districts and centers. As late as 1998 there were plenty of people interested in building a network of strategic partnerships. Whether that is the case today, I dont know/care. Sell them off and roll the dice.

    Run whats left of used-to-be package into the ground. Sell it off to a competitor or consortium of partners. They can buy it as it enters bankruptcy and petition the court to relieve them of various obligations among them the pension obligations incurred by the previous owner.

    I can solve a bunch of problems in one shot using the pilots. Unions are sort of dumb and predictable that way. But then, UPS is sort of dumb and predictable too, and I dont think they have it in them.

    UPS? Just grow a set and get er done. The time for timidity and cowardice ran out a decade ago.

    Thats what I think they should do.
    But that's just my opinion.
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    How about having the driver call their competitors in their delivery area and have them make arrangements to start driving larger vehicles, so they can handle all the new business that will be coming their way.Tell the driver to just pick them up as early as they want, and complain about packages being too big and too heavy----and just every now and than---throw the packages from the rear of the vehicle and see if you can bounce one off of the bulkhead door---doesn't matter---going on strike anyway, and the business will go with another carrier!! Than blame everything on the company because it just isn't fair!!!
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    to me Markbell it sounds like your the DEAD WEIGHT for UPS..... If you dont like what is going on then get OUT of your office chair and do something about it.... LMAO
  5. over9five

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    We're all gone in 2008. HAVE A PLAN!!!
  6. speeddemon

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    Mr. Bell is an ignorant person. Thats very clear.
  7. dannyboy

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    I am so glad we have you here. AT last, someone with a self proclaimed set of balls. How refreshing!

    Only problem with your self proclaimed brilliance is that you are the only one that gets it. Which is probably why you have your little 6X5 cubby in the corner.

    And you are a prime example of why UPS needs to thin the herd of managment that perform this much needed service to the company.

    As for strike., my views are well known. STupid stupid stupid. I have been through two of them, and never again. Never again will I stand by while the powers that be posture themselves before the media, never again will UPS rise from the ashes to become the top dog.

    Now if we could just take care of our current customers............Instead of worrying about what might or might not happen.

  8. I agree dannyboy,how many supervisors and centre managers have you seen come and go?And where did they go?Some quit long ago,and some are moving up that corporate ladder by knowing just how to scratch his bosses balls enough to get ahead.
    I`ve often thought that if ups fired all of pkg mngmt and left it up to us drivers every morning,
    we could get it done a lot better.
    I think markbell is somewhat delusional in his desire to change things his way.
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    Please forgive him.
    Periodically he has episodes of flatulence of the mouth.
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    I dont think you can expect a non union franchise owner who has already been screwed by UPS to screw themselves even harder by turning away the customers who help them pay the bills!
  11. sendagain

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    All we need is some union talking the pilots into unrealistic expectations. Right now, pilots of other companies have had to give up all kinds of benefits and pay to keep their companies in the game. I bet there are loads of pilots wanting to come and fly UPS jets; I've even spoken to one on a flight last year who saw my UPS watch. It's hard to replace 80,000 drivers during a strike, but a few hundred pilots is very easy. You could probably replace them just with other pilots willing to get out of passenger jets and fly for someone making money. Once they have someone else in your seat, you're not coming back.
  12. teddyr

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    Thats right sendagain! A pilot with our Co. works 40hrs a month, has a six figure salary, best compenssation in the industry and still wants more? I think with the money they make they can fund their own retirement just fine.
  13. trickpony1

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    I wish I had their problems.
  14. ok2bclever

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    While I appreciated the support the pilots have given the drivers over the years they have to realize they are to vulnerable and replaceable to push negotiations to an actual strike level.

    Unlike a driver position which would require training in the idiosyncrasies of the multitude of the "UPS Way", not to mention just the training of the basic job of delivery and the amount of bodies and logistics that would require for both delivery and all the support functions, both full and part-time, there are plenty of qualified pilots who would jump tomorrow into the breach and do the job of our pilots if given the opportunity.

    The pilots need to spend a little more time with their feet on the ground before doing something so stupid as giving their job away which is what a strike would be.
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    Have any of you fellow UPSers ever determined why Rome actually fell. It was those camel jockeys that went on strike and China saw a great opportunity to utilize its cheapest resources - 3 billion people to carry the packages for meger bowls of rice each day. The U.S. government and Unions will drive us all to a "Fall" or at least take advantage of the new bankruptcy laws. The govenment wants to deal with oil issues by building oil refineries on former military bases to help the shortage but fail to mention where the crude oil is going to come from.

    The End is Near!!!!

    So move to Florida where carring a gun and using it with out just cause is now allowed. Need to find a new vacation spot.
  16. johnny

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    "So move to Florida where carring a gun and using it with out just cause is now allowed. Need to find a new vacation spot"

    Sorry that law doesn't go into effect until Oct.Then go to Fla. feel that your life is in danger then shoot to kill.[​IMG]
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    Posting from work with this valuable bit of information?

    You are really out of line, but I guess if you are a 'partner' it's alright.
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    <font color="ff0000">"The U.S. government and Unions will drive us all to a "Fall"....</font>

    LMAO!!!!!! I take it you've not seen data lately as it relates to unions. In 1999' only 9.7 percent of the American Private sector workforce was union and trends would suggest that number is even lower today. That 99' percentage equates to less than 10 million total jobs so you're gonna sit there and keep suggesting a small percentage of the workforce will dominate the landscape to cause a Roman style fall? I'll agree we are falling in some sense like Rome but I would not peg it specifically on today's unions. Now regarding the gov't I'm all with ya on that!


    Excellent point my friend but with the nature of business now I don't think we on the ground side can take a walk either. But again, that's JMO. Have a good weekend.
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    Is somebody's medication wearing off?
  20. ok2bclever

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    I don't think we have a ghost of a chance of it coming to a strike on the ground side either no matter how serious the concessions are they own us and the Teamsters at this point what with the current business and government atmosphere.