If you transfer to another facility, will you lose you seniority?

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    Will your wage stay the same?
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    yes you will loose your seniority if you transfer. You keep your seniority when it goes to the pay scale progression and amount of vacation weeks, but when it goes to bidding on vacations and routes you go to the bottom as well as if there are layoffs.. you will be the first to go back to part-time if you transfer as a driver. As to your wages..it all depends on where you are going. I transferred from calif to AZ and i took appx .35 cent deduction in pay, but in our local we are given 5 floaters where my old local only got 4.
  3. Bagels

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    Yes, you lose seniority and are endtailed at your new facility. You retain your wage and vacation weeks. Here you maintain your seniority for job selection and bidding but retain it for the right to work - that means for example if you have 10 years in you will not be laid off over a 1 year employee but he retains the right to select a preferred job, or bid full time, over you.
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    in feeder, you don't lose your seniority if you bring work with you. i.e. change of operations. I transferred on a hardship and went to bottom of list because I did not bring over work. but everything else follows you.

    they try to make you quit and start over but I wouldn't.