If your upper management make sure your stuff does not get leaked

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by thelus, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Already been posted in another thread.
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    I read quickly through this and have to admit that I thought most of the proposals made sense. The one that did concern me is where they said they were going to videotape the driver that was "scamming" them on lunch and make an example of him so that "the others" will get the idea. It's no secret we are in cost reduction mode and we all know that there is a lot of waste and many areas where savings can be realized.

    Should be an interesting year.
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    Its hard to argue anything on this list.....It makes sense.
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    What is "Take 2 Take 8"?

    And under Meal Period Allowance, what is the 95%minimum 10 minute minimum?
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    I'm all for video taping and recording conversations to. If an arbitrator allows your tape in they will also allow my tape in! Be-careful how you talk to your drivers! Never know who's covering their ass!
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    For instance: UK-Guy....
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    I just bought a digital recorder!!!
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    They have video tape of people stealing all the time. Lets do the math. Taking a lunch + not recording it = stealing. Is it not?
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    what about all the years ups deducted a lunch even though u did not have time to take. STEALING IS IT NOT
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    I do not know? If you claim that is stealing why wont ups settle OUR grievance for two years of lunches being deducted from us? Now is it stealing? If you condone what ups did, how can you accuse an employee?

    Now i do consider that stealing to a point! If a driver does not usually take a lunch, but today runs out of work and is sitting waiting for his scheduled pick ups, that's not stealing!
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    That could be true. If the employee did take his lunch, ran out of work and still has to wait then he should be on the clock. If he didnt take his lunch or only a partial one then that may be the reason why they are waiting and not because they ran out of work.

    Its a tough thing to manage but it is getting easier. The worst thing for any driver is to have a guy next to him who takes a lunch and doesnt record it. It could put extra work on the other drivers.
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    I'm not surprised in the least with this one. :angry: I love the respect this superdouche has for his drivers.
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    What are "PSP's"?
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    Air drivers......Premium Service Providers
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    What is "Take 2 Take 8"?

    And under Meal Period Allowance, what is the 95%minimum 10 minute minimum?

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    If I had a guess, the 95% minimum would be that employees must take at least 95% of their meal periods. I haven't a clue if that is correct or not. There are a few sneaks in our building that take 45 or less. Then again there are some that take 1.5 hours which UPS just adores.
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    95% of drivers must take at least 10minutes or more lunch. the report that they usually use only shows if you entered at least 10minutes lunch...