ignorant or do they like routine ?

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  1. TungFang

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    I was wondering why so many loaders, sorters etc... don't move to other jobs while waiting for a driver spot. I t seems like they just don't know about the other opporntunitys with UPS, while you wait for a driver or better spot to open, you dont have to stay on the belts to get a better job.
  2. Nitelite

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    Lol, and what better jobs are those?
  3. TungFang

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    lol ok, let me rephrase, not a "better" job but a job that allows you to only have to work one job, and not feel like your constantly not doing good enough.
  4. Leftinbuilding

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    Tung do you understand the concept of seniority? You can't just "change jobs". There has to be an opening and then it has to go thru the bid process.
  5. Overpaid Union Thug

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    That isn't exactly true. I've seen new employees go straight to smalls or lesser seniority people moved to better jobs. Management all but ignores the bid process. Only full-time job bids are honored 100% of the time. People get moved to irregs even though others with more seniority bidded the jobs. It happens all of the time. People have to raise hell and file grievences in order to set things straight.
  6. its true, seniority doesn't count for anything on our preload shift (other than the order in which you are sent home). We have had new hires on slides instead of the many "seasoned" people who would love to move there instead of the unload or loading brownies. I know there is still the preferred job language but that doesn't seem to work either unless you nag nag nag and nag.

    On every other shift in the building though seniority counts...go figure.
  7. TungFang

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    so if thats the case. Do they play favorites if they like you they'll be more apt to move you to a better spot, senority gets thrown right out the window for part timers ? I know about the bid process, however i've seen it 1st hand the guy who got hired right before me seems to kiss the right ass ,and he hasnt unloaded in a months. He even got a really nice set in loading the brownies. I got to load a couple times and they put me on the 5 set trucks and the most blown out ones in the building. ***?
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    I feel that unloading is easier than loading pkg cars. Loading 3 cars while keeping up with the belt is harder than it looks. I spent eight years doing it and wouldn't want to go back.