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  1. Hi ladies and gents. Let me introduce myself. I worked preload for about 9 years and just recently got qualified as a full time driver. I did seasonal some and also jumped for a good 3 peaks to make sure this was something i wanted as a career. My biggest issue with driving so far is im just a little uncomfortable with my decsion making. For instance i pulled into a driveway the other day out in the country but when i got to the house there was no safe way to get turned around. I ended up just backing back down the drive, not fun or safe. When i was getting trained my sup told me, Dont worry you can always find a way to get turned around. My ? To all you drivers is some advice on if your delivering out in the sticks and cant tell if you can get turned around in driveway safely is what to do. I mean if you cant even see the house from the road and you have like an over 70?
  2. I've had to back the whole driveway a few times, sometimes there is nothing you can do. We are talking a half mile to mile long driveways. I have yet to ever be talked to about any of them. I'm sure you made the right decision t go down it by what you could see. Now you know for next time.
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    As you go deeper into the unknown take notes of safe places to back/turn around and slowly venture. Keep your self focused on if you see safe places ahead and if not I've just stopped and walked a good ways to see if there were places ahead
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    Just when I thought I was amazed by one username, you come along.

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    If your unsure that you don't have a place to turn around, id back down the driveway. Its safer to come back out the driveway front first than to back out into a road. That's 1 of the first safe rules you learn or should have learned. Just think it over first a few times before you pull the trigger with indecisiveness. One of the things I tell newer drivers is, if you are backing and your looking in camera, and your thinking about backing just a little bit more but are indecisive with it, put the truck in park and shut truck off. Those few inches and the hint of indecisiveness can be the difference between a safe stop and a backing accident. Totally not worth the chance.