I'm back.

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Well, you're a bit of an idiot, aren't you? "Adore"? I've got around 40 drivers working for me. Like anywhere else, 3 or 4 of them are a pain, but for the most part, I've got a good group. I was hub through college, and I've worked in large centers, so I know what the real UPS can be like. I also know how well I have it here, and so does my work group. I don't think there's any harm in wanting what's best for everybody.
Ok, well if that's the truth. Perhaps a good one slipped through the cracks.

You claiming; "Not a great contract on your end" leads me to believe you're here after more than a decade to bash a winning contract. You want it known not to encourage the loyal long-term union supporters that they got an excellent compensation package. You are here to create anger & division like the STFU boys.... who are mostly Supervisors.

I think you're fos, but you never know on this internet thingy. With that said, if you're not (which I still think you are).

Welcome, I'm Fitty... most popular fixated poster on BC. :)


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Been about 12-13 years since I've been on here. Full disclosure, I'm an On-Road. Had to change my name and set up a new account, since I can't remember my original info, but that's OK since I spent most of my time in moderator time out. Anyways, happy to be back!
Are you still back?
Cuz I don't see you posting....