Immigration no problem for aircraft mechanics

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    News 8 has uncovered a pipeline of mechanics that are being funneled into the United States from foreign countries and may lack the necessary English skills to read and understand the manuals needed to make proper repairs.
    Documents and interviews indicate one Texas repair firm, San Antonio Aerospace (SAA), now has more than 100 Mexican and Asian aircraft mechanics. SAA’s sprawling repair station in San Antonio is currently running two shifts a day doing contract work for both Delta Airlines and UPS, among others.
    Some SAA repairmen say the Mexican workers lack the ability to even understand the content of company meetings, much less read manuals. Nonetheless, they say, SAA sent a manager to Mexico to actively recruit repairmen.
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    That doesn't change the facts of votes and money.
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    We like bringing up dead threads
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    That why we post in NF2?
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    That is the old Dee Howard Facility. They were the ones who did all 49 UPS 727-100 engine conversions a few decades ago. They do a lot of UPS MD11 work there...