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    Today I received an email that had these images attached to it. This is what infuriates me to no end. To top it off, this high school is located less than a mile from the high school I graduated from back in 1970. My high school back in '70 was more than 50% Americans of Mexican heritage. We all got along well together and learned about each others heritage. (I don't believe in calling anyone blank-Americans because we are Americans FIRST and foremost.) We need to establish a strong pride in America and should not put our pride in our heritage above our pride in being a citizen of the United States of America! Don't get me wrong...our heritage is an important part of who we are, I am just saying it should NOT be placed above our American heritage (citizenship).

    In one of my earlier posts, I spoke about "the slap in the face of all Americans", well, here is an example that takes my thoughts to the next level. Now, these folks are so brazen they will take pictures of themselves desecrating the symbol of freedom they so "dearly" cherrish!::mad:

    The folks in this picture are obviously proud of being Mexican before being American. I find it extremely difficult to have any respect for anybody who performs acts upon the American flag like this.To me...this is an illegal act.

    I am putting the school district, the city, and the state on notice; Why was this allowed to happen? I will take this to another level outside this forum to get answers.
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    You mentioned brazen so here I am!!:laugh:

    I totally agree with you on this and have mentioned it myself in previous posts.

    This is an example of having NO REPECT for America or Americans for that matter!!

    Granted not all illegal's have the same shameless disregard but this kind of behavior stinks!:thumbdown

    Hey Big arrow up I used your quote and changed it around a little.:)

    Yeah...send 12 million people back to Mexico. Good idea. Very realistic. Did that sound as sarcastic because it wasn't meant to!!:thumbup1:


    P.S. Remember congress is going to try to pass the amnesty bill again this Tuesday. Be sure to contact your congressman and tell them NO WAY!!!
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    I have no respect for Mexicans, whether it be illegal or "Mexican Americans", or any other immigrants, that treat the American flag this way. But like I keep saying... the ones that are doing this are in the minority. Especially in my area. That crap mainly goes on in California but isn't limited to California alone. I was watching the USA vs. Mexico soccer game, which the U.S. won by the way :), and it ticked me off that the so called "Americans" on Univsion, which was the only channel showing the game, were pulling for Mexico and waving Mexican flags. I consider them traitors. The illegals are at least still Mexican citizens so I can understand them doing it but for an American to wave the flag of another country against their own is just wrong. Not to mention unpatriotic. Patriotism extends beyond support of one's country during war. I realize that all Americans have the right to support who ever they want per the constitution but is a little loyalty towards the U.S. too much to ask?

    And back on the beaten's unrealistic, wishifull thinking, and just plain foolish to think we can just deport 12 million illegals back home. I say we secure the border first then weed out the trouble makers and send them packing. Bill Orielly's plan, which is on his webste, is the best one I've seen yet. It beats the pants out of anything that the senate has been juggling back and forth like a hot potato.
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    I took a look at Bill O'Reilly's plan. Here is the website:

    Good common sense approach! One of my earlier posts covers a good portion of those 4 points. I didn't think about reviewing each case (4). I would add a fine of at least $5K. There has got to be some retribution for illegally entering the country. I also think that these folks should be mandated to learn the English language. There should be a time frame and it should be provided as a community service to those people that hold a tamper proof ID card.

    We need action now!
    One thing I really like about Arizona is the state takes action and gets things done if we could only get our country to encompass that same philosophy. Even if it is not perfect...let's put something in place!
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    "All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian"

    Pat Paulson

    :lol: Yep, there's where it all went wrong!

    I wonder what the conversation among Indians was when our forefathers began to show up in ever larger numbers. I'd like to have been a fly on that wall!

    One of my favorite T-Shirt design shows an American Indian on horseback holding up a compound bow with the words "What If" printed under. It do make you think when you see it.
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    It doesn't just apply to the Native Americans that once lived in what is now the United Sates. They were all but driven out of this area. Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the continent's "Indians" were also slowly conquered by Europeans. We all wouldn't be alive if it hadn't happened but it's still a sad thing. I'd like to have been a fly on the wall during the American invasion, and it was an invasion (no matter what the warped history books in our schools say) Mexican territory that led to the Mexican/American War. I would have also like to have been a fly on the wall during the times when the Spanish were first comming ashore on this continent. That was historical on two fronts. One: it was the beginning of the European expansion into this region. Two: it was the beginning of the degradation of the Native Americans at the hands of those Europeans. I'm not proud that my ancestors did this to them but I wouldn't be alive today, nor would this country exist, if they hadn't. One can't help but wonder what things would be like today had our ancestors tried to co-exist with the Natives instead of conquering them. Oh well. We are here now and it is a good thing.
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    You might want to look at this with a different point of view. Between smallpox, plague, famine, starvation, lack of shelter and violence, many of our first colonists didn't survive.

    Until the natives took the initiative and developed relationships, or I doubt the white race would have made it.

    Just one of many examples - When a group of settlers showed up here without a clue for shelter or food, the Maryland Yaocomico's felt so sorry for them that they agreed to live in half of their village for a year and they invited the settlers live in the other half. Worked out great.

    You think we taught ourselves to build shelters, to garden and cook what grew here, to hunt and fish? Native American practical information and what little primitive healing the English knew kept folks alive. You enjoy going to a sauna, right? Where do you think that idea came from? We coexisted quite well and quite often! Many of the colonial maps show cities with an Indian community at the edge of town and there was no animosity.

    Until we got greedy.....

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    EXACTLY! But like I said....we probably wouldn't be here now if it all hadn't happened.
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    All the more reason to vote down this Amnesty bill!!:thumbup1:

    'Amnesty' fake papers pledged in wiretap

    In the above article, Julio Leija-Sanchez, who ran a $3 million-a-year forgery operation before he was arrested in April, was expecting Congress to pass a legalization program, which he called "amnesty," (yes they even know it's amnesty):) and said he could forge documents to fool the U.S. government into believing illegal aliens were in the country in time to qualify for amnesty, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent said in the affidavit.

    They point to the last great amnesty of 1986, in which about a quarter of approved applications were later deemed fraudulent.

    And what makes you think by approving this amnesty bill anything will be different??:bored:
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    Bush caught with Ted Kennedy's foot in his mouth AGAIN!

    Let's see.

    "We're limiting gov't!"

    Then it's "We're growing gov't!"

    Next it was, "We'll end Federal control of education, return to local control and make education better!

    Then it was "We've created massive Federal control with the No Child Left Behind program."

    Then came, "There's WMD." but then later it was "there is no WMD."

    Then he said, "We live in a new era and making America safe and secure is top priority. Our open borders will no longer be an open door to those who would harm us."

    Now it's, "A protected border is not doable and the illegals that are here already no matter who they are can now pay an entry fee and become like the rest of us!"

    And finally as the article above shows, "This is not Amnesty!" and now he sez "For a price this is Amnesty!"

    And you wonder why folks are walking away and not believing this guy anymore and unwilling to put any faith or trust in him even when it comes to very important and critical issues. He's not the only one by any stretch but he's the face of our gov't so he gets the brunt of the blame, credit or however you want to paint it. And the sad part is the republican party has followed him and his puppet master Cheney right down the rabbit hole into oblivion. From the vote today it would appear some are waking up and going another direction and my guess is that some Repubs will now join Kerry and Feinstein in absolute support of the Fairness Doctrine as Talk radio will get the brunt of the blame for this not passing. They don't like it when you challenge their power even when you think you are one of their own!

    Hey Mr. or Ms. Senator, it wasn't talk radio by any means. You guys for one had no real clue what this legislation was about and therefore you had no means of even being able to sell it to the public. I hope America wakes up and realizes that what they saw in this immigration bill and your total lack of knowledge of it and the specifics is not a one time deal but in fact that is really common practice on about all legislation. This is why you pass laws that only make matters worse over time and then more legislation is passed to fix that and then it continues to get worse only to have you pass even more legislation and the cycle goes on and on.

    Wake Up America!
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    Nice post Mac,

    It's almost like many politicians are just plain ignorant never learning from their mistakes, over and over and over again!!:laugh: You're right the people are losing their faith in the ability of these elected supposedly informed and educated leaders to lead us where???:sad:

    I do have to say I'm relieved (as if you couldn't tell) that this bill did not pass. They (the ignorant ones) tried to ram this thing down our throats without giving our Country's future a second thought.

    I agree with America needing to wake up on many issues and have to say that at least some of America was awake for this immigration issue. It wasn't the politicians it was the people screaming to be heard.

    With the deck stacked against them:

    Pres. Bush
    Senate Democratic Leaders
    Senate Republican Leaders
    House Majority Democratic Leaders
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    Dozens of other corporation lobby groups
    The largest philanthropic foundations
    Perhaps 90% of the newspaper editorial boards that weighed in
    The Washington offices of most major religious denominations
    Nearly all ethnic advocacy groups
    Most of Washington's think tanks

    Support the grassroots effort had:

    The American Legion
    The AFL-CIO (somewhat timidly)
    The National Review on-line magazine
    CNN's Lou Dobbs

    Oh Yeah, let's not forget most of talk radio!!:cool:

    This was a big victory for grassroots activism!!

    Even though many had to basically threaten the very politicians that represent them this is a victory for the people in my opinion at least for now.:thumbup1:

    Oh, and just maybe we'll invoke the UNfairness doctrine to show all the talk radio hosts that free speech isn't really free, it will be what our government wants us to hear.:w00t:

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    It is amazing what can happen when folks just get active. Just being curious I tuned into C-Span about 15 minutes ago on the House side and guess what was being debated?

    The Fairness Doctrine. Boy, that didn't take long!

    I'm serious when I say look for some repubs to jump ship on this issue and side with those in favor of bringing this doctrine back. If they pass this legislation it will about once and for all kill the radio format IMO. Most music formats suck IMO but then I like everything from Swedish Death Metal, to 70's Progressive Rock to Jazz to Big Band to Classical to Electronic like Tangerine Dream and little to none of that is found on the radio these days. Talk radio has really kept this format going so with the internet and Sat. doing so well and ever increasing, the Fairness Doctrine may in fact explode the problem they thought it would solve to big and then what do they do?

    Yesterday I happen to listen to Sean Hannity as he interviewed Sen. Voinovich, Repub from Ohio on the issue of immigration. Sean took him to task no so much over his position itself but as he talked with the Senator, it became clear he really was defending a piece of legislation that he really hadn't given any consideration too. Here was Sean giving the otherside equal time but the guy was ill equiped to even discuss the issue on a point by point basis. Had he done so and Sean cut him off as he is known to do from time to time IMO, then I'd have issue with Sean but this was not the case. Now I go to Sen. Voinovich's website and see now that he voted against cloture and his public statement sez that he did so in his opposition to the legislation for being an ineffective tool to solve the problem.

    WOW! What a difference of 18 hours as yesterday he was all for it. What happened?
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    Moreluck...give him he**! I am moving out of California and into AZ in large part because of the population explosion of illegals who are taxing all our services. There is an email out there called "Cheap Tomatoes" that discusses the hidden price and correlates it to illegals.

    Here is what AZ is doing. The bill just was signed on July 2nd. I pulled the article from the Arizona Republic.

    Governor OKs toughest migrant-hire law in U.S.
    Gov. Janet Napolitano on Monday signed sweeping legislation against employers of undocumented workers, targeting the state's market for illegal labor with what she called ''the most aggressive action in the country.''

    Illegal is Illegal....There is NO GRAY AREA HERE!!!:w00t:

    You can try and justify it all you want.... This cost me a high price....I felt I had to move to get away from the problem! Arizona is trying to do something about it.
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    UPS lifer.....I don't envy the temperatures you are moving to, but I sure would like to have your Sheriff Joe from Maricopa County in S. Orange County. Can you send him here?? :)
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    I love those pink uniforms!!! Fortunately, I am in Northern AZ. Our temps avg the same as the inland empire around (95 to 102 in summer) with less humidity. We also have the Pinon Pines with clean air and we get all 4 seasons only milder. In the winter we get less than a foot of snow spread out between Jan and Feb and it melts in one day. Our neighbors are from Pennslyvania and they tell us that this is not considered winter! I spent my whole life if Southern Cal and this is enough winter for me.

    When we are in SoCal we go to the Depot down in San Juan Capistrano and get a bite to eat!
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    UPS lifer....we go to the Depot too.....I like the Ruby's for breakfast and then across the street to the Antiques Barn !!

    Ricardo's Place in SJC is a Mexican favorite of ours.:)
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    We live in San Juan Capistrano walking distance to the Mission and downtown area. We love it here as Dana point Harbor is only a couple of miles down the street too.

    Another wonderful place to eat in San Juan Capistrano is the Ramos House.

    UPS Lifer,

    I applaud your decision to move to Arizona. My sister lives in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and she really likes it. I hope Governor Napolitano can enforce this new measure, she is doing the right thing and we can only hope that in time the Terminator will follow suit.:thumbup1:
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    Don't the Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano? Don't they make nests everywhere including the nearby neighborhoods and crap all over everything?

    Are they here legally?:laugh::laugh::laugh::lol:

    Perhaps I'm not being very humorous with a delicate subject.

    Oh well!:closedeye

    I have been to San Juan Capistrano a few years back and do have to say it is a beautiful area.

    Can't go wrong with that Southern California weather!!:thumbup1:
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    From my understanding, once the swallow builds its nest, you can't do anything.....BUT if you catch the birds in the process of building their little mud huts, you can hose them down.

    We had that problem one year in Mission Viejo (next door to SJC) and we used the hose for 5 days straight and the bird finally gave up and moved on to someone else's house.

    I didn't check the bird's visa.....He flew into Mission Viejo.....I assume he was legal.