In a struggle over compensation, UPS finally delivers

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    In a struggle over compensation, UPS finally delivers - Star Telegram

    Before Donald Pruett left for Iraq, the 21-year-old soldier from Burleson bought his grandmother a beautiful globe with a golden eagle on top. It was tribute to the woman who helped raise him.
  2. DS

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    If I was her I`d rather have the globe with wings...
    some things are irreplaceable,irreplaceable things
    should never be sent ups.
  3. rod

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    If it was like most of the stuff I saw being shipped from the PX it was broke before UPS got ahold of it. Lucky there was anything in the box to begin with. I once bought a movie camera at a PX and they had to open at least 4 or 5 boxes to find one with a camera even in it.
  4. hoser

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    slow news day.

    i wonder what the (lack of a) report would come off as if this wasn't a 'troop going to iraq' sending something patriotic.
  5. local804

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    Some of the claims UPS denies are CLEARLY our fault. Wet from leaky trailers or stepped on from the unload, they should never be denied when we are at fault. I know alot of people pack like crap but we all see what goes on.
  6. hoser

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    packages should be packaged well enough to survive bashing. i should be able to drop a box from 5ft to the ground and nothing should break. that's just standard.
  7. 1989

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    I thought 6ft was the standard...I've been doing the 6ft drop test all this time...I've been causing all those damages....SORRY:lol:
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    Good point about the wet trailers. Never worked in feeders, who is responsible to ensure all empty trailer doors are closed?

    Use to make me crazy when driving past a hub and the back doors were wide open. Just waiting for rain, sleet or snow. I couldn't even get a straight answer from feeder management. Some said the hub, some said the shifters?
  9. local804

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    Not only from the rear door but alot of the older ones leak up top like our package cars.