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    What exactly are the "In Transit" scans? With UPS there's only arrival/departure sscans when a package gets to an actual facility. If it spends 5 days on a train there are no scans.

    Fedex seems to scan about every 24 hours; is it tracking the 18 wheeler or something? I've seen some in really rural places, one was the town of Index, Washington where there is no place for a truck to park. Or does Fedex send by rail too?
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    It could be when a sleeper team switches drivers. Or stops to take a poop. But i don't think any of us really know. They are all subcontractors.
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    Trailer GPS updates every 12 hours "In Transit".

    You can tell if it's via rail if multiple "In Transit" scans are in small cities serviced by a railroad and nowhere near a major interstate.
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