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    I am looking for information about part time benefits. I was interviewed today and am fairly certain I will get an offer for a package handler. I would like to eventually be full time at some capacity but until then I am looking for info about benefits for PT. Do you have to work a certain number of hours to be eligible? I know I am not eligible until I have been there for 12 months. Thank you for the help.
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    Well first thing would be to pay your initiation fee and then wait one year for your benefits medical,dental,eye. At 18 months you get benefits for your girl/kid(s)

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    If you will be covered under the Teamcare plan (most part-timers are), I believe the requirement is: you must work at least 1 day (no minimum, could be as little as 5 minutes) in a week, or have paid compensation such as sick, personal holiday, or vacation pay; in order to have coverage for that week.

    Other fringe benefits such as paid vacation, pension credit, & FMLA eligibility require working a certain # of hours in a year.

    I'm pretty sure your spouse/dependents will be covered after 1 year (an improvement in the current contract over the last one).
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    Why didn't you ask at the interview??
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    When you get hired ask the HR person for info about them.
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  10. Adam211

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    They said during the information session that after a year we would receive free family benefits. When I got home and started looking for info about the benefits, I found something that indicated information that was conflicting with what was presented.
  11. jibbs

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    I think that part of the contract changed in the past year. Prior to the contract change (I think May of this year, but it was supposed to be August 2013) you would've had to wait 18 months before being eligible to add family to your insurance. Now it looks like it's only 12 months.
  12. It is a year. I just logged into my account and I have family. I didn't hit my 12 months until May.

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