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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jukkathebrown, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Jukkathebrown

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    Hello I have been with UPS for 2 years next month. I have spent most of that time (over a year) out of work having surgeries for a injury I recieved at work.

    My questions are one. I still get paid for hoildays with checks from UPS. My new years check was for $92 but my YTD totals for 2009 was $134 does anyone know who to contact about finding out where my other $40 went and any other checks I may have missed. Our HR lady is never there. (I know it doesnt sound like much but living off less then $850 a month is tough, ever buck helps)

    Question two is I cashed in my Floater days today. Does anyone know how long it takes to get your check after you cash in sick, floaters and vaction days?


    Oh if it helps any im under the south west contract
  2. Kraetos

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    Wow less than $850 a month? I thought I had it bad lol. This makes me feel better!
  3. ups79

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    Darn, he has only worked 1 year out of a total 2 and he's complaining. If you haven't worked during the whole year do you really believe that you are entitled to any paid off time?
  4. Ms Spoken

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    And its just now taken this long to figure out that UPS eats its young. Run while you can.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    BBAG would feel like a King with that much per month.
  6. Livin the Dream?

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    I work at UPS for the benefits only - I have no other reason to work there. After all deductions & messed up child support garnishment that UPS won't correct, I work a second job that I actually like & make money with.

    Last week my UPS net pay was $12. Two weeks ago it was $-0-. Whoever I bring it up with says "That's just not possible" Oh yeah? Look at my paystub, motherf*****!
  7. JimJimmyJames

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    He was hurt on the job and only wants what is do him, as I would suspect you would too, under the same circumstances.

    Unless you only work at UPS for ****s and gigs.