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  1. You think thats bad listen to this horror story as a HVD sorter 3 yrs ago i woke up next morning with incredible pain in my neck and shoulder. Figured it was just the normal wear and tear soreness of ups. Sadly i just loaded up on tylenol and sucked it up for the rest of the week assuming that soreness whould go away after weekend of rest. Told my p/t sup about soreness and he asked if i needed to fill a report stupidly i declined 3 months went by with horrific pain. I dealt with pain for fear of losing my skilled job. Eventually i came in and told p/t sup i could not perform my job anymore because of pain. When i told training of the events above my p/t sup left me out to dry and denied any knowledge of event. Mgmt. made me wait 5 hrs before they would take me to comp doctor. When i arrived doc took some x-rays and physical exam told me he thought it was a strain. Doc and ups put me in TAW with limitations of 70 pounds and less...what a joke thats normal duty. In one week i went for follow-up i was still in same pain and discomfort. I begged the doc for a MRI he declined and told me i was not seriously injured he sent me back out with same limitations. Went to third appointment and same as last time still in TAW. So i went to HR and pleaded for second opinion the nurse convinced me to at least go to next appiontment. While in comp office i told doc he was a quack and that i know he and mgmt. were trying to put a bandaid on problem and send me back to work and that i was being harrased by mgmt. to suck it up and continue. Doc came with same diagnosis just a strain i demanded thta if he didnt give me an MRI that he need call an ambulance and take me to ER. Finally he sent me for MRI after consulting with ups and all on staff doctors. Suprisingly i had a torn rotor cuff and nerve being pinched in my back from injury. When i got back from MRI and doc to fill out paperwork and to be held out and recieve surgery my Operations manager,Sort manager and f/t sup were waiting at the door to verbally atack and harass me for what was said about company. Comp doc told mgmt word for word entire event at comp clinic. Was out for 9 months on disability. When i finally returned to work the paperwork all said strain nothing more and no reference to surgery
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    if you were hurting for more than 1 week why didn't you see your own doctor?
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    Obviously from reading all of his other post's.....he's not that smart.
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    Some may hold the same opinion of you.

    Those who live in glass houses must have to buy a lot of Windex.
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    I love new englands bashing if you stop and think a minute he was trying to walk it off for the sake of the company and fear of losing his P/O spot and im most likely sure he couldnt afford to be out of work like most P/T employees (TAW limited hours or limited income for disability) and was burned for playing hurt instead of rolling over and run back to the bench on the sidelines
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    Waiting a week because he was sore is one thing. He was,as he put it,in incredible pain. Worked three more months,as he put it, with horrific pain. If the pain was that bad it should have been reported immediately,let them send you to the company clinic,but the next place he should have gone to was a specialist preferably an orthopedic specialist thats surgically trained.
    Instead he went to three appointments before he went to HR to "plead" to go to another doctor. You don`t have to plead anything ,just go yourself,your allowed a second opinion of your choosing. Then he is talked into going to a fourth appointment before he grows a pair and demands an MRI.
    Then,he claims, upon his return he is met by management who were informed of what was said during a confidential doctors meeting and he does nothing about that.

    N.E. is partly right. He`s may not be smart be he is certainly naive as are many when they are injured. You don`t have to go to the clinic if you are injured,you can demand to be taken straight to the E.R. Also Ups can require you to see their doctor but you have the right to see,and follow the directions of,your own doctor. Once again preferably an Orthopedic Specialist. The loss of income is a poor excuse if you don`t realize that getting proper treatment the first time will minimize the amount of time your out of work and will get you back to work without increasing the injury.

    Shady is posting his run for the nomination for Teamster President on other threads yet here he shows a lack of knowledge in how to handle just this one segment of the big picture.
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    Lets see you tore a rotator cuff and don't know how you did it?

    You endured trememdous pain for three months from a rotator cuff because you didn't want to lose your skilled job?

    And you're actually trying to blame ups for your stupidity?
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    Mister, if you would have been here three minutes earlier you could have saved me a lot of typing.
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    As a pt sup if you would have come to me 3 months after the fact, i would have laughed at you, i offered to have you fill out an incident report and you refused.

    Cach i fully agree like i said in another thread of shady, he has a lot to learn about UPS
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    Yeah defend an idiot that has so many holes in his "Story". Only used a company doctor, then wants to blame UPS?

    Freaken please........
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    makes me wish we had pre employment drug tests