Injury not reported by management - still feeling effects.....

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    Previous injury a month back...

    do not want to go completely into depth on this matter in here.

    I don't know who to go to or what to do.

    Dealing with main floor manager right now at my UPS pre-load location.

    Had a leg injury a month ago - fell out the back of a truck. A few people on the line saw it - not sure if they'd remember however....

    Told main floor manager, multiple supervisors.... just found out the other day report was never filed!

    Fell again inside a truck today, after leg had been bothering me again....
    Mentioned to a supervisor and they called up the higher ups.... the highest up on the floor told me that we were just going to report for today. Never told them about the fall today... just that leg was still bothering me.
    They're reporting from today's date not previous - either way, my leg is messed up - they gave me tomorrow off, the weekend and even monday if i need it... but i won't get paid - and i obviously need the job to pay my bills. i am not an unfair person by any means, nor a liar.... i felt uncomfortable today not reporting previous fall.... they said i'd be "taken care of" for just reporting it today.

    Either way - my main reason to post is to accumulate everyone's personal and professional thoughts on this. I AM IN THE UNION - what should I do from this point on. The safety lady today told me that i "shouldn't go to the doctor." "probably just bruised bad"..... that the clicking and popping is ok... i'll be better soon, rest the weekend.... etc. As a union member.... what should I do. Am I allowed to get opinion of my personal doctor, plus go to their's or do i have to soley go to theirs... and will the doctor work against my health in order to benefit the company? i'm so stressed out - i just want it to feel better.... it hurts putting continued stress on it. i like my job - i'd like to keep working - but if i need a week or two off to recoup and heal, get tested, etc.... i need to be payed... somehow. i just need to resolve this - so i feel better and then can go back to my normal work day. the safety lady also said that i will get cut hours and only allowed to work so many hours on my bad leg, if the doctor doesn't grant workers comp or time off.... said they might not cover it!!!!!!!! Should I immediately call my union rep tomorrow to see what to do next? No one has told me what to do straight forward. Being very secrative. Don't want to get anyone fired, but worried about my health and being able to perform my job well, without problems, and feeling ok!
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    I am not sure of the rules for your location but where I am you have to have a note filed with the company to be able to see your own doctor. If you don't have that note then you will have to see the company doctor first then after 30 days you are able to see your own with the company paying for it. As far as them not filing on the first date you have two options; the first being you can just have them file for the current time and everything will get paid from that point forward(if you went to doctor before then I suggest the next one). THe second being you can force the issue and have them report the injury from the day you told someone. Be prepared for a million questions from different people as the management will get in trouble for not reporting it timely.

    If you do choose to take the route of my second opinion then be prepared to have a target on your back. The management is going to be busting your ass day in and day out because of forcing that issue. Make sure that you follow all of the methods and safety procedures in your operation or you will get written up I am sure. ou can also tell them that you want to see a doctor right away and they can't deny that. Make sure that you have someone else(union member) with you so that they hear the conversation and back you up. If you have the shop steward there it might be a good thing as long as they are not on the side of the company.

    As far as taking the time off and not getting paid, do you have any sick days? Not that it is the right thing to do but ask them to put you in for sick days for the next couple of days so that you are assured of getting paid. You also have your floating holidays that you can use if you still have them.

    As far as them cutting your hours if they put you on TAW, there may be language or an agreement that won't allow them to do that. I know out here they have to give you the same hours that you were working prior unless there is no other work available for that day. If there is a small sort job in your operation you can ask to do that as there isn't as much walking as unloading and loading.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you. I appreciate your reply. I do want and plan to go with option #1... as I do not want to get anyone in trouble.... they're all pretty nice for the most part. I'm just a little erked that they didn't report the prior main injury. It wasn't right - but I did say it wasn't that hurtful back then - I was bruised and bloody and gimpy for a few days.... but I'm a strong person and most things don't bother me physically. The pain has stayed however over the last month.... and it's pretty bad right now! When I speak up - that means something's really bothering me. I will go to their doctor either tomorrow or Monday - if it happened at work - might as well have work cover the doctor's cost.... makes sense. Also, they are familiar with the company and the procedures I take it.... and what's appropriate for what specific injuries. As for what you said about option #2.... I wouldn't go that route, as they at least recognized the injury now.... and I have no prior expenses or days out because of it... also, I wouldn't want to be a 'target' or like I said, get anyone in trouble. That's not my objective... my objective is to get to work, work, be safe, get paid and do it all over again. :happy2:
    In reply to your question - no sick days - i'm only a 2 monther at the moment - technically hired in July.
    What is TAW? And if the doctor sends me back to work restricted or whatever..... do I get put on small sorts or light duty indefinitely until I get better?
    Thanks for the answers! You've really helped!
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    Glad I could help. TAW is Temporary Alternative Work. In my area the employees are allowed to have that for up to 30 days and then if they aren't fully released from the doctor and able to perform their regular job then you will be out on Workers Comp. I would make sure to check with your union rep about the TAW before anything since some areas don't have that.

    I would try and go to the doctors right away as you want to get the injury taken care of. The longer that you wait the worse it could become. I personally wouldn't wait until Monday. Also by going to the doctor you will be assured that the management will put the injury into the system.

    What area are you located in. I am sure that I or someone on BC would be able to assist you on the contract for your area.

    Good Luck
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    Whatever you do ALWAYS FILL OUT an accident report for an injury no matter how small. I hurt my shoulder in November of 97. It was still bothering me in Jan 98. April 1st I had Open Rotator cuff surgery. I was out about 9 months total with rehab. It was on record and came into play when I asked to go to the doctor..Ups will always try to downplay an injury, but you have to CYA in your dealings with Ups.:peaceful:
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    It makes no difference whether the first incident was offically reported at the time it occurred. In most states you have a year to file a comp claim. The burden or proof is on the employer, not the employee.
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    the safety lady diagnosed you?are you kidding?you reported the injury and should have sought med attn.let your doctor tell you then what to do,as in go back to work,light duty,no work, are responsible for yourself .after 10 days off {in our state}you are picked up by insurance{comp}back to the day of injury.please take care of yourself,
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    lets get one thing clear,telling your managment team and reporting an injury are two different things.if you tell your sup hey i hurt my leg but i think it will be fine and you dont ask for medical attention they dont have to report that as an injury,they have 24 hours to report an injury.dont let anyone from ups tell you anything about your injury unless they have m.d. in their title,they will always downplay every injury then they will make a big grand scene about it and then finally they will put the guilt trip on you,ignore all of it and follow your best know your body and what fells right and what doesnt,go with that not what managment tells you.
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    Right On!!!!!!!!!:wink2: