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Im in N ohio and covered by aetna/blue cross blue shield. Does anyone know if the women yearly exams like mammograms, and mens prostrate exams are covered? One of the guys at work had his wife denied payment on a mammogram, but I thought I recently got a letter saying they are covered. I think maybe it should have been covered under BC since he got the denial from Aetna. Anyone know, no one at work seems to.


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I am in No IL with the same insurance types. A regular mammogram is not covered , they will only pay if it is for diagnostic reasons. As far as prostrate info , I'm not sure on that.

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We also have bcbs and aetna,they dont pay for any preventive test or treatment.If the letter you recently received was the same as mine it was about covering birth control.


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Thanks for the info.
No thanks over9five, I dont need anything checked at my DOT. And I do not go to doctors, so I do not know the answers guys think I will know to these medicals, questions.
Last time I went to the hospital it took 3 yrs and a law suit to get it paid. So unless Im dying, I aint goin.


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I believe aetna and bc has a 24/7 hotline to call for info on coverage. should be a number on your medical cards. your probably be asked for your card infomation so they can see which plan you have to check coverage.