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    worked part time 9/10/18-6/3/19,then called to driver training/school(6/3-6/7), had one full week off then started Driving 6/18. I received my teamcare card, my wife and daughter were put on my plan. They had a Dr. Visits that WERE paid for by insurance. Scheduled dentist and Dr visits the next day. Receptionists said “ yep, your insurance is active”. Now I’m getting emails from teamcare saying we NEVER had insurance and we will have to pay out of pocket. Any advice on how to navigate this situation?
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    Have to have 1 punch a week for insurance to remain active
  3. Call Teamcare.
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    I thought that you only lose coverage for that week,? Does this sound right ?
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    Teamcare said it had something to do with the timing of the new contract and when UPS started to pay in to my coverage. I guess My issue is more about, me being at the Dr. Office. They confirm that I’ve got coverage, teamcare has paid for my visit earlier that week. And NOW I’m expected to pay out of pocket ???
  6. That's crazy