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  1. Who out there knows anything about Integrad? I'll be headed there in a few weeks and would like some helpful tips.

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    I've done it, what do you want to know? I don't have any helpful tips , it's self explanatory, but if there's any specific question you have I can try to answer. Have fun
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    You should be clean shaven with sturdy work boots everyday.
  4. Our HR Rep says there is a 40% failure rate and is requiring an unpaid informal training to help you learn stuff before you get there: memorize the 5 steps; memorize the 10 pt commentary and then some driving stuff like backing up and who knows what else.

    If you don't have those memorized, they won't submit you for class and you also have to do whatever practice stuff or you're discouraged from attending Integrad.

    Is it really that hard that one has to learn stuff before they go? I thought that was the purpose of attending the 5 day training - to learn everything you need to know to succeed?
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    I can't tell you this with 100% certainty, But I am pretty sure any and all "required" training must be paid.

    Article 1 of the central region supplement states that "Attendance at orientation ,meetings, not to extend beyond 15 days for educational training for full time and 5 days for part time employees, shall not count as working days for the acquisition of seniority. Employees who attend orientation shall receive the new hire starting rate as outlined in Article 41(Wages) for full-time employees or newly hired starting rate as outlined in article 22(part-time employees) for part time employees, for all hours spent attending orientation. Upon successful completion of the qualification period, seniority employees shall also receive the difference between the above compensation and their applicable hourly rate of pay in accordance with Article 41 Section 2.
  6. Thanks - I'm in the Atlantic supplement. Also~shouldn't I make my 30 day seniority first before I start whipping out the teamsters contract?

    Do the 30 days need to be in driving only, or if they ask me to work pre-load, will those days count towards the 30?
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    I guess by the 5 steps you mean the 5 seeing habits ? In my opinion your ability to memorize these things is a continuation of the interview process. The same with goes for your appearance when you show up for class.

    Let me be the first to say this .... there are a lot of unemployed people who would love to get this job... I would memorize anything they asked me to. The harder the better to weed everyone else out.
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    It is very easy to memorize all of the 10 pt commentary and 5 seeing habits. The intergrad class does not revolve around those, despite the trainer banging it into your brains throughout the 5 days and getting tested daily. The (more) difficult part will be the finer points, such as learning the diad, and drumming up sales leads. (lol)

    The driving part *should* already be OK - they are banking on new drivers being able to safely drive their vehicle before the class begins and spending 98% of the time doing the bookwork.

    Last year there were 4 of us in class and all 4 passed. However, we were all close to 10 year employees and full-time.
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    I think a big help is to memorize the 5 and 10, and atleast know some of the pre-trip before attending integrad. By friday, you need to test out of the 5 and 10, and the pre-trip. And each day you're given one chance at each. By tuesday I tested out of the 5 and 10, and wed I did pre-trip. And then focus on integration station and go over the driver drill after they tell you what it's about. Me and my partner even went out at night to practice the driver drill to get used to it, helped out.. Well didn't help him out, as he got sent home thursday :(.. But helped me out tremendously. Basically, if you want it, you'll get it. By that I mean, you'll put in the work you need to get out and pass Integrad.

    You'll find after monday, the work stations you'll breeze by, and focus on the bigger things that keep you there each day, like passing the actual assessment each day. And thursday they give you the 2 big tests, driver drill and integration station. So just learn the layout of the mock up course and anytime you have a chance, go over every motion as if you were really running the 5 stop route they give you. That way when you go out there thursday you pretty much know it, and then all you're left with is actually banging it out. Same with driver drill, practice if you're not sure, and just be prepared.
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    Here's the DOT pretrip I put together a while ago. You will have to know pretty much 100% so get friendly. This is probably not 100% but close, maybe 95.

    Entering vehicle: check door open/locked position, closes and opens.

    inspect interior lights front and back (if appliciable),
    verify bulkhead opens/closes and locks properly.
    view hazmat pouch.
    look for up to date/ year safety response book and registration.
    fire ext and flares
    sitting down
    look through DVIR. review yesterday and sign off
    fasten seatbelt. key in ignition. test seatbelt unfasten- refasten
    test seat slide, horn, wipers, lights, highbeams, defrost.
    turn on vehicle.
    check gauges, gas .
    test ebrake and reg brakes pulling forward. reverse and turn on rear camera, test reverse cam and reverse lights.
    step outside vehicle holding hand rail, key in pinky, lights on

    Outside driver side:
    inspect side mirrors.
    inspect drver side door open/close/ hold.
    test steering wheel play
    z-scan , look for DOT decal, vehicle #, reflectors.
    inspect tires for tread, sidewall, hubs and valve stem.
    look under vehicle for anything hanging /leaking :D

    Outside: Front of vehicle -
    clearance lights,
    vehicle #,
    inspection sticker,
    plates, reg,
    windshield OK,
    underneath vehicle
    no visible noteworthy damage

    Outside passenger side :

    Same as driver side.

    Outside Rear of vehicle:
    clearance lights working
    reflective decals
    plate light lit
    vehicle /DOT # rear door open/close and locking
    check door suspension wire, with key (not finger)
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    And the pre-trip always seems like alot on paper, but when you actually run through it a few times and get the walk flow around the vehicle it comes out of your mouth like nothing lol. The only reason why I say to remember those before you get there is so you can test out by tuesday, or as early as possible so that you don't have those lingering in the back of your mind all week. I think that alone, is what caused 3-4 guys in our group to go home, because they didn't try testing out until thursday, and on thurs they had so many other things going on that they were trying to remember.
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    I agree about the driver drill.. The 10s and 5s are VERY easy to learn and recite from the comfort of your lazy boy, but to clarify, to recite them while on road and also being drilled while driving an unfamiliar package car is not easy. Practicing them and getting into that routine where you just do it instead of thinking about it (pretrip too) is what makes or breaks your success.

    Like you say, you reap what you sow with the integrad.
  13. Sleeve and SLip -

    Great information!! I don't know why HR wouldn't already tell us all this. They told us to memorize the 5 and 10, but not how we would be tested on it - recite it while driving? or did I misunderstand that?

    They said the 5 had to be word for word and that the 10 just had to be the 10 main points word for word and the description for each just needs to have the jist.

    As to the Pre-trip - in the real world, is there NOT going to be a checklist to fill out? I thought they'd want us to prove by a checklist that we looked at everything during pre-trip each day prior to leaving the center.

    We must have the pre-trip memorized? Okay - that's GREAT to know now, although my HR guy said there was nothing else to memorize. Geez......

    Integration station???

    Driver Drill???

    Why would anyone be sent home early???

    Thanks so much - luckily I have 2 more weeks to prepare.

    What are those?
  14. I just read the CNN article and got the answer to the "Integration Station".

    I still have no idea what the driver drill is, though.
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    no checklist, because it makes no difference. within the pretrip, the beginning step, is reviewing and signing off on the DVIR (vehicle report) stating that the vehicle is in proper order with no safety issues. this goes to the mechanic in the PM and they review the same and sign off. When you sign off the DVIR you awknowledge this.

    In some cases I have heard differences, such as some classes you never even operate a package car (larger classes). There simply is not enough time for all to do driver drills. If you are in a small class, expect to do some driving and be able to recite them verbatim on road. (including all 10 AND key phrases/meaning). I doubt the instructor would fail someone for not being able to perfectly recite all 10 key phrases, however for not knowing the 10 "main points" you're out.

    Also I have heard some classes using a vehicle but it is an automatic, which makes life a lot easier if you are not slick with the different types and feels of the fleets transmissions.

    driver drill is simply utilizing the 5s and 10s in your driving and actually speaking aloud exactly what you are doing and looking at. It basically shows you not only can ramble the knowledge verbatim, you utilize them. There's a point system the instructor will use by observing your seeing habits, use of mirrors, scanning, approaching intersections, in intersections, etc, and it's all on how you verbally convey what you are doing. Hard to explain, but hope that helps.

    Again you'll get a good feel for it once you are in class how to apply the knowledge, until then it's sort of a mystery. :)
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    The curriculum is tried, tested and approved by the union and the company. I'd skip the "you can't make me do this" suggestions and mentality. They send you home if you don't follow and meet the requirements of the class. If you get sent home you're finished, kaput, flunked out early.
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    What's intergrad?