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    So I've been signing up to double-shift and found out that management for the twilight shift has been skipping over my name on the seniority list. This, after I grieved them for over $400 last peak season. They still don't get it. I will find out, and I always do. Another grievance is in the works. Its a win-win for me. I get paid for doing absolutely nothing aside from filling out a grievance and the management member who has an axe to grind with me and purposely skips over me gets a brow beating from his superiors.

    The integrity these fine members of management show....

    Integrity, such a strong word to just be bandied about wrecklessly in a workplace.
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    Do you believe you are intentionally being skipped in retaliation for previously filed grievances?

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    The guy who does scheduling on twilight used to be a night manager. Me and him used to have it out all the time. He's a real piece of work. Nobody thinks very highly of him.
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    I understand. Many don't think highly of some management employees.

    Do you think that you are intentionally being skipped in retaliation for previously filed grievances?

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    Whether its because of the grievance, or because we just don't like each other. I don't know.
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    I not asking what you know.

    I am asking what you believe in your mind, heart, and conscience.

    Do you believe he is intentionally skipping you?

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    Well yes, yes I do good sir.

    Thanks for getting to the bottom of the matter for me.
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    We are not at the bottom of the matter yet. Bear with me.

    Specifically, why do you think he is skipping you?

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    He wants you to be bare with him. (red flag)
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    He gave you 2 reasons thus far.
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    The last response to the reasons was " I don't know".

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    His problem is being overlooked on the seniority list.
    He now knows.His dislike for his sup means nothing.
    Since it has happened before,this could be labeled harassment.
    If all he asks for is backpay,the company is getting off easy.
    It pisses me off that this crap is allowed to happen.
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    Just file the grievence. Whenever it happens file and you will learn them. It's cut and dry
  14. This is one of my rare contributions, but it goes to the core of our work and what we (I) should stand for.

    The real challenging aspect of integrity is establishing and maintaining it. Easier said than done.
    Integrity (definition a.o. see Wikipedia Integrity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is something like, how should I say that in a political correct manner, virginity. You can loose it only once. The Wikipedia description is just one part of the proper definition.

    In the practical life of UPS, I sincerely question, how management can maintain and sustain this considering the extreme pressure they are under. Lower levels of "management" aka Part-time sups are under levels of pressure to keep up with their paperwork, "manage personnel, not work on the belts (even though we all know that we do not have robots working at a consistent level of n-number per packages per hour throughout the entire sort, comply with requirements of the proper procedure for breaking jams and still maintain your "numbers" and of course "damaged packages) etc."
    Unfortunately, the rot that I see even on lower levels is an indication, of who succumbs and who does not, telling the higher levels that their Hans Christian Andersen or Grimm's fairy tales of information does not support integrity. I was recently asked to put my signature for somebody else on one of the internal documents, and I only looked at the person and asked him: You want me to do what?
    Is this the rot, that exists at UPS and tries to promote?
    And that was one working day after UPS executed (literally) or should I say performed a major management change based on major ethics violations. In a way it was expected, but the day was not known. And then the executors stepped in.
    Based on my age and experience, I do consider myself a fossil, but ethics and integrity will survive even those events. It is undeniably a part of history, whichever side you are on. However, it takes a moral backbone that seems to be less and less in existence for the sheer pursuit of monetary compensation aka greed.
    I have worked in countries, where adjusting actions due to internal and external influences was taken for granted, but external and independant controls were part of life due to the global implications for a major branded company. And external influences tried to tempt me. The only way out was keeping your superiors informed (verbal and in writing) about these events (the entire truth and circumstances), and thus I was able to maintain my integrity. It was not always easy, especially in my earlier professional life, as I had absolutely no guidance.
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    Integrity is about being consistent, not pure. And if lost it CAN be regained (one can again be consistent in sticking to their values), just as a building whose structural integrity has been compromised can be made sound again. However, it is expensive, in both time and money. Likewise with rebuilding personal integrity.
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    Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy.

    If you are a man of integrity you will speak the truth all the time.

    Whether speaking in broad general terms or when reporting facts.

    With much at stake or nothing at stake.

    In public or private.

    When you are alone, on the internet, or filling out you tax return you will consistently choose to do the right thing.

    You are not perfect, but you are committed to walking in the truth.