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    The truth: Van Skillman and Danny Eason are still employed at UPS.

    Pension and Investments
    READ IT FOR Yourselves
    Posted: March 5, 2007, 6:01
    By Barry B. Burr
    The APWA seeks to become the collective bargaining union for parcel-service workers at UPS, based in Atlanta, Mr. Skillman said. Some 12,000 Teamsters at UPS joined the APWA, paying its $150 per person initiation fee, Mr. Skillman said.
    WOW This EQUALS = 1,800,000.00 where did all this money go?
    WHERE IS THE MONEY? Is this not the same questions the APWA Is asking!

    In the APWA own words.
    From: Danny Eason Subject: We have special needs:

    The truth of the matter is that our requests for contributions to the media fund have often fallen on deaf ears. We MUST have the money NOW to fight these people.

    Are Skillman and Eason patting themselves on the back? Have you not had enough of their B>S. Question is HOW much HAVE THEY GAVE? -----------------------------------
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    "Thou shall not steal." Working people who take union wages expecting their co-workers to foot the bill are stealing from their co-workers. Ask Van Skillman and Danny Eason of the APWA. They are riding on the back of every teamster out there. What is more ironic these same two men want you to divvy up 150.00 to support them and their Association (NOT A UNION).

    What the apwa is asking for: your help on establishing a pension fund and organizational efforts.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP We will need your help and support. Please consider becoming a member of our Association (not union) For a one-time initiation/membership fee of $150.00.
    This will give us the much-needed resources. Professionals who work for a fee are managing this campaign. While overwhelmingly expensive, you can participate by sending us a ONE TIME ONLY voluntary contribution of $150. Rather not give $150 contribute ANY AMOUNT.PLEASE-PLEASE- PLEASE -SEND DONATIONS by check or credit card.
    Refund Policy--- each dollar is needed, we cannot offer refunds at this time

    CHARTER MEMBERSHIP = 1,560,000.00
    To become a Founding Charter Member (FCM) you must be one of THE FIRST 200 people to donate $150.00 from YOUR STATE. That is 200 people- multiplied by 150.00 dollars -multiplied by 52 states =1,560,000.00
    You can contact us by using the contact page on the website to send us an e-mail; you are also welcome to call us. LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES - WHAT WILL YOUR CHOICE BE TEAMSTERS

    APWA LEGALRepresentative is Francis T. Coleman.
    Here is what Mr. Coleman’s does with regards to Labor and Employment:
    Protects client interests Mr. Coleman works for the APWA NOT for YOU.

    Represents clients in desertification of unions.
    * Trained management for union avoidance.

    Who’s interest is he looking out for? Let me make it clear to you, it is not in your interest as an employee.
    Mr. Coleman’s best interest is with the APWA, after all Friend they pay him, you don’t.
    · FACT:
    · SOME UPS FREIGHT employees in 2006 challenged The APWA and Local776 out of Harrisburg Pa to A face-to-face debate.
    Local776 had accepted and was willing to pay for the meeting hall.
    The APWA declined the invitation by not giving a response and it is now 2007.
    Why does the APWA not want a face to face with the Local776 out of Pa?
    FACT: HRS is a major hub for the East coast. APWA tries to persuaded the employees of this region and the surrounding region they are part of the” CENTRAL STATES “ and theCentral States Pension, There is NO TRUTH to this. APWA is giving exaggerated projections on what the (PACKAGE SIDE) pension may look like under their control.
    Negotiations have to take place between a UNION and the EMPLOYER. Teamsters are already in talks with UPS for the 2008 contract for the package carriers. Also they are in negotiation for UPS FREIGHT for the Indianapolis terminal.To this point I think I have been more than fair considering the facts regarding the AWPA.

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    golly gee george do you lose your tongue or was that your train of thought that went out the window. OOP forgot you need 1 vital organ to do any of this.
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    That article about says it all
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    How come you can't have a username with the word "Teamster" in it?