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    ok here's the deal.
    I'm a 26 year old male from mass. i work fulltime at a desk job making 15.25 an hour. I've been doing this for 5 years and hate sitting all day. I saw an add on the UPS website hiring for driver helpers. I figured it was a good way to get my foot in the door? From what I can see, it looks like driver helpers don't make jack for money? can anyone tell me what to expect as far as money / work conditions if they even hire me?
    thanks for your help
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    First the hours they want you to work may not fit with your day job mos deliverys are doen during normal bus. hrs. $ as u get closer to xmas you will make more volume dictates how many helpers are used each day if your good and have trans(car) they will work u. if your lazy dont bother applying you will bust your butt. Inquire about a fullt ime driving job UPS hires alot of seasonal drivers if u good they may keep u after holiday
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    What part of MA i jsut got hired through Somerville
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    pay- well odds are, (it depends on geographic location) but you will probably make somewhere between 9-11$ an hour as a driver helper.

    conditions- you will be paired up with a driver, he/she will do the driving/sorting and decision making and also do some of the delivering, you only have to worry about the delivering part which basically is hustling and working hard, with little thought involved. you will be expected to work hard and hustle. you will be outside most of the day, since you are in new england, it will be cold and miserabel in the winter when you will be needed, take that into consideration for dressing for the elements.

    potential- if you bust your ass and are productive, the driver will remember that, he will ask to have you back specifically, drivers WANT hard working helpers. a useless helper doesn't do anything but slow down a driver. if you bust your ass the driver will more then likely put in a good word for you that will probably lead to a future part time job at UPS

    future- odds are after xmas is over... and you have proven yourself and the driver gave a good word for you, the supers will be collecting all their data/recomendations and realize if you are a good worker or you suck. if you are good they will probably ask if you want to work permenantly, if not, well then thanks for your time

    and my story, is i have been at UPS for 5 years now, i was part time and i was up to $14. 60 an hour with FULL medical/health benies no co-pay. now, since i have my degree i have full time availabilty and i am now a casual driver, i make like $17.15 an hour with at least 1 hour of OT a day (time and 1/2) so i am making more now as a casual driver than i would in an entry level job in my career.... therein lies the problem... i am more or less stuck at UPS because they pay me more than most other employers will pay me even with my education....

    if you want any more info/advice PM me