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    I had my interview today, and it went really well. The problem was that a family member works as a labor relations manager, and the hr representative didn't know if I could be hired or not. This is because they didn't know if my family member could influence pay raises or anything, so they are going to call me back when they find out. My question is that if this will hinder getting employed, because I don't think he has any influences, but I just want to know if I will still probably get the job because it has no influences. I would really like to work here, so it's very nerve racking to be told that.
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    What position are you applying for? If it's PT, it shouldn't be a problem -- pay is set via the collective bargaining agreement. Our division manager, labor manager and one of the center managers each have their kids working Preload or Local Sort here. But ultimately it's up to your HR/management team.
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    Minimum pay is set by the CBA---it is possible, but highly unlikely, that you could be paid more than that amount. The only way this could be a possible conflict of interest is if you reported directly to that family member. As Bagels said, it is not uncommon for members of mgt to have their kids working in the same bldg.
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    They're starting to pooh pooh on this again in my building. My buddy and his mom work in the same building. They're both union, his mom is a 22.3 and he's pt. But they won't let him switch to preload unless his mom retires or switches shifts herself...seems kinda sketchy in some ways, but I'm sure it would be a little uncomfortable at work if there's family issues that arise...
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    This might be the only time UPS actually cares about your family, enjoy it.