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    Hello, today I was at the UPS in NJ for a tour of the facility, after the tour they gave me a paper that told me to fill out an inquiries at I completed that form at home the same day. Now what is the next step? Are they going to call me? Do I call them? It's for a Assistant Clerk position.

    Thank you.
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    I would say just like any other job application give it a few days to a week and get back in touch with them. If they are interested in you they will add another set of questions to your online application and do a background search on you..HR gets bogged down with work and even if they really need you it takes some time for them get to you. Good luck. It took me about three weeks until I was hired on preload
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    Hey, thanks for answering my question, The stuff I filled out yesterday was W4 papers, direct deposit, and employnment policies. Is there any other stuff you have to fill out?

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    No just the second wave of online stuff. Looks like you have job at UPS :)
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    Hello guys, thanks for responding. JUST NEW UPDATE
    Since I filled out those paper online on monday, They haven't contacted yet, they said they were going to do a background check, How long does it take to do that? Should I contact them?

    Thanks again!

  9. Y923

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    Background check will take a good 7-10 days. It's good to follow up just don't overdo it. I'd call about once a week.

    Their hiring process can be very long...I'm in California and I applied on 4/9 and my first day will be this Monday, 6/18. I had to apply, go to a information session/first interview, go back for 2nd interview, wait for background check, go on the tour, then come the next day (last Friday) for final paperwork/processing.
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    This is strange or it wasn't my experience--any of the times I've worked for UPS. I've worked two stints as a helper and two as an inside employee. First time as an inside employee, someone put my paperwork in the wrong stack and it took three weeks to get things going when it should have taken two--start to finish. That included tours, background check, etc. This time, I kinda dropped the ball. I called an HR recruiter at like 1 a.m. on a Sunday night and left a voicemail. The job I was working had had three straight bad days. I'd had enough and blew up walking home from work, hence the 1 a.m. phone call. HR called back the next day and we started the ball rolling. They would have started me two weeks later but I had to wait because of a pre-planned trip. I fell between the cracks and called HR from my vacation to find out what the deal was. The rep offered me a job as a helper and gave me a date, time and a place to be for interviews, etc. I've been with UPS since December 1, 2006. -Rocky
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    Hello guys, Thanks to all for your replies.


    Today, I called to see what was going on with my application, the lady told me call back on monday and see! Is this a bad sign?

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    seriously man, Every UPS facility is different with there hiring procedures because of shifts, candidates that were interviewed before you, constant changes in plans (every UPSER knows how frequent that happens), your bg check, tour dates, i could keep going on and on and on. EVERY BUILDING IS DIFFERENT!! If your BG has cleared, you were determined to be a viable candidate, and you showed up for the tour, chances are in your favor. Just be patient they more than likely will call you.
  13. RockyRogue

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    All true, unfortunately :crying:. However, my experience has been that UPS Human Resources can drop the ball and/or let candidates slip through the cracks too often or too easily. Give it two weeks and get an HR number. Most hubs have shut down their on-property recruiting center. My suggestion is to go into the Customer Counter in two weeks and ask for an HR contact number. The Customer Counter people know that number off the top of their heads because of people like you and I. Call the number and ask what the status of your application is. They'll transfer you to a recruiter and it'll go from there. Remember...ASK IF THE NUMBER THEY GIVE IS THE ONE YOU'D CALL FROM OFF-PROPERTY!!!!! In my case, it wasn't the same number and it took me an extra day or so get in touch with HR. Good luck!!! -Rocky
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    Thanks every one for your reply!
  15. indian310

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    Today I again called ups humen resources office and they told me start working from tomorrow.

    Thanks for all your time and help!