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    I went for my "tour" last night and have an interview on Friday at the Christiana, DE sort facility. I had a feeling most of the people in my tour group will not call the HR manager back. There were about twenty of us, and when the HR manager mentioned the background check and not having any "dishonesty" on your record, about 5 or 6 people got these strange "oh crap" looks on their faces.

    Naturally we would be working in the trailers, and had the oppurtunity to speak with a guy who had only been there a few weeks. Besides the heat and humidity in the trailer, it didn't look that bad. Of course he was working two trailers that night and the one next to his had boxes backing up the whole time we were there. They had three people in that trailer, and they do six trailers a night for that destination.

    I've never seen so many Amazon boxes and tires sitting around as I did last night. I know that has a distribution center within miles of the sort facility and Amazon has one of their main centers in Deleware. Nothing like slinging rubber and books.

    I guess I'm just looking forward to my 5 night/week workout.

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    Take plenty of water, be prepared for your back to really hurt ALOT!!! your first three weeks (and it doesn't matter how fit you think you are), and at my hub they hired a guy that had been jailed for attempted murder (so much for background checks). Good luck.
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    BTW, I don't envy you and all those tires. I hate delivering tires. Filthy, filthy vile things!
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    "Filthy, filthy vile things!"

    Not to mention that horrible new tire smell at 120 degrees in the Summer!
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    Tirerack sells the tires with rims adding even more fun to the handle.

    Amazon in Christiana used to be their biggest Distribution center.

    We should build a hub in Christiana, lots of businesses move to delaware because of the business friendly tax terms.
  6. I prefer handling the Total Gyms, mixed in with a few Pottery Barns, maybe some "Farm Jewerly" too.
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    Bowflex Ultimate is my favorite. 7 massive boxes
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    3 people loading a 53' or a 20'? Man I scan and stack two of the 20'ers....
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    I've been in feeders 25 years and never knew we routinely used 53 foot trailers.
    I've also never seen a 20 foot trailer.
    Perhaps I've missed something or perhaps someone is playing charades.
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    The next time your in one of those 20 footers count the number of eight foot plywood panels. I think you'll find there are 3 and 1/2 panels making it a 28 footer. :oops:
  11. tieguy

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    no 20's . Quite a few 53 footers in the northeast corridor being used as TDP boxes.
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    lots & lots of 53's and 48's in new jersey..
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    I bet it's fun trying to get a 53 footer into some of these customers tight parking lots.
    I'll keep my 28 foot flatbed, thanks.
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    SORRY FORGIVENESS. 28 footers.

    The 53 footers are used for the Alberta-Ontario runs and are outsourced in our centre's case.