Investigators Focus on Pilot Procedures in UPS Jet Crash

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    Investigators Focus on Pilot Procedures in UPS Jet Crash - Wall Street Journal

    Federal investigators indicated they increasingly were looking into pilot training and landing procedures, rather than airplane malfunctions, to unravel last week's crash of a United Parcel Service Inc. UPS +0.10% cargo jet.

    In coming weeks, investigators will conduct a flight test to learn more about UPS pilot procedures during landing approaches, safety-board member Robert Sumwalt told reporters Saturday. "This is just the very beginning of the investigation" and no conclusions have been reached yet about the probable cause, he said.

    He said the emphasis of the coming flight test will be to understand how UPS safety officials recommend or train pilots to fly the type of approach that was used in Birmingham during Wednesday's accident.
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    This tragedy did not need to happen. There is off the shelf technology that has been available for several years that would allow pilots do fly a CAT I ILS approach to to any airport whether it has an ILS system or not. These people would be with their families today if UPS had installed this equipment. If you are interested go to AEEC 2012 Anchorage.pdf for a full description.
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    You don't know what you're talking about.