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    it seems like things are going good for ups with volume, hours, etc....now if we can get past this pilot situation. Please check out the website and look at the survey ipa did with fortune 400 companies...interesting. They need to work this out or this company could be toast.
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    oh by the way, why havent we heard anything from hoffa and the teamsters on walking the picket line with the pilots. Anybody know what the teamsters "official" stand on a pilot strike would be??
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    Does anybody know, specifically, what the pilots are asking for and what UPS is offering? I have heard pay, benefits, schedules, ect., but I want to know exactly what it is that they are willing to walk off the job for..
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    the pilots can kiss my :censored2:
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    Check out the current pay of UPS pilots versus their peers. It does not appear they are disadvantaged with pay. Compared to the average American, they are way ahead of the curve.

    $184 per hour for a 10-year captain and $123 per hour for a first officer. Annual pay (at a minimum based on hours) is $178,848 and $119,556 for Captain and first officer, respectively.
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    It seems like from what I hear they are concerned with the growing china market and what ups will do in regards of using chinese pilots. First off IPA, ups is a worldwide company and has more than just american employees. Second, ups has hired over 100 new pilots the last few months, so...I really dont see your gripe. Lets face it....listen up, if pilots go on strike, nothing will happen to the pilots, but the front line of this company...the drivers, will have the biggest hit. Think about this IPA before you guys do anything. If it wasnt for us busting our ass, you guys wouldnt be making the kind of money you do.
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    Just remember the air traffic controllers and how they all lost their jobs, and that isn't even a job many people would want. There are a ton of pilots just waiting to jump into the cockpit of a UPS jet and never look back.
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    Absolutely, with the state of the airlie industry I just do not see what kind of gripe these guys have. Maybe they need to see their pension go in the tank like American Airlines. Sorry, but it is hard to have sympathy for these guys.
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    Sorry, I meant United, not American.
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    I agree....the nerve of those UPS pilots. Primadonnas at best!
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    Hey before you all bring the hammer down on these pilots you need to remember that they have paid their dues by going to college getting their degree and putting in the necessary flight hours just so they could fly for UPS.

    I'm not saying that I agree with a pilot strike but, they sure have earned the right to be called the UPS "Primadonnas" I just wish that I would done more with my degree.

    I'm tring to stay neutral on this subject till I know all the facts as to what they are fighting for before I judge anyone.

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    These pilots don't take as much training as anyone who has a BA degree. Most of their effort comes in putting in hours to qualify for flying larger jets. Their difficulty comes from wanting more when everyone else in their industry is hanging by their fingernails. They are in a very weak position to ask for more, and any stubborn effort to do so might collapse into ruin for the company and for their own careers.
  13. "you need to remember that they have paid their dues by going to college getting their degree and putting in the necessary flight hours just so they could fly for UPS."

    Oh...whatever. I've put in hours and hours on my little UPS job, and owe close to $35,000 on my education (not to mention having paid back about $20,000 of that already) prior to getting tuition reimbursement! My sympathy level is VERY low for these guys.}
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    Every one of you needs to remember where these pilots were in 1997. We owe them any and all support because UPS could quite possibly have ended up nonunion if they hadn't have done the same for us.
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    I am with you. These guys are treated like royalty.

    In 97' the IPA asked UPS to pay for lodging, meals, etc. during the strike. The reasoning was that when the strike was over the pilots could walk on the planes and start flying again. UPS told them to pound salt and find their own way home - in so many words.
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    These guys used us in 97 to promote their own agenda, and they made out very well with the best compensation pkg in their industry. They work 30 to 40 hrs a month, not a week, make six figs and still want more. At least we work hard for what we make, these guys can't even say that. I would rather see UPS replace them all and save the money for the true face of UPS, pkg drivers, the guys who wear the hat of cust. rep, acct. rep, sales rep and fall guy when things go wrong. I am UPS in my area, not the nameless faceless ctr mgrs, division mgrs, sups or Mike Eskew. The majority of my customers don't even even know who Mike E is. I have not one bit of sympathy for the fly boys. Pkg drivers are UPS and that is where the money should stay.
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    "you need to remember that they have paid their dues by going to college getting their degree and putting in the necessary flight hours just so they could fly for UPS."

    we should "remember" that alot of these folks got there wings from U.S. paying our taxes while Uncle Sam taught them to fly, and "remember" that some of them are still getting paid by our taxes when they pony up to "slice holes" in the sky on the weekends and on their annual call up in the reserves. oh, yeah, when they aren't getting a pay check from UPS, and Uncle Sam, they are off (like not really working), at their other job(s). (i.e.,flight lessons and real estate).