Iran soon to get the BIG BOMB!

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    Well people I know it hasn't happened yet but it sure looks like the commander is putting all the chess pieces in place.More troops, more ships hmmm!Well i hate to say I told you so.But i did tell you Bush would bomb Iran and maybe Syria to.Now thats the George Bush I voted for.Its about time we get this mission underway.I say let the bombs fly level the hole suny triangle!Unleash the fury and power of the greatest country in the world.GO USA!Now thats patriotism.:thumbup1:
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    I don't think the troop "surge" has anything to do with Iran. It has to do with the fact that 80% of the violence in Iraq is taking place in Baghdad or within a 30 mile area around it. The terrorists are always being driven out of the villages but once our troops leave they come back. That will be very difficult once we have more troops in the area. It should have been done 4 years ago.
  3. That would be a tragic mistake for Bush the Idiot to make. Besides, he's using Israel to do that dirty work for him...
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    Dirty work? So being proactive and taking the fight to an enemy that has vowed to destroy Israel AND the U.S. is "dirty work"???? Need I remind you that Iran, and their radical brothers have vowed to destroy Israel and the United States and to spread their religion of throat cutting? Israel has been fighting off terrorists since the second they were born so they have every right to do this so called "dirty work." The United States has the right as well. Remember...if we don't fight them over there now we will be fighting them here later. If it comes down to that it will be interesting to see what all the liberals have to say then. Might be singing a different tune.
  5. Haven't we learned that being "proactive"... as uh, BUSH was in Iraq... is a HUGE mistake? Nobody can possibly argue that warring with Iraq was in any way a good idea. So you think that attacking Iran, which is a much more militarily powerful country, would be a wise thing to do? You're as crazy as Bush is!

    "...if we don't fight them over there now we will be fighting them here later..." That is so lame that I can't understand how anybody believes it anymore. Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11, and neither did Iran. By invading Iraq, opening its borders, and deposing Saddam Hussein, Bush created a terrorist state in Iraq. He took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan... I'm so tired of arguing this...
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    Bush created a terrorist state in Iraq? How is that? Is he holding a gun to each and every one of those throat cutters's heads and forcing them to go out and blow themselves up? And kidnap people and cut their heads off? He has time to do all that while at the same time doing his job here??? WOW! What an amazing man! Have any of you liberals stopped to think that maybe they were already terrorists and now they have their opportunity to strike? Kind of like when people start looting during a riot. Pure opportunism. If you honostly believe he has taken his eye off the ball in Afghanistan then you need to go crawl back in the cave you've been living in the past 5 years so you can go to sleep and return to your liberal fantasy land. Just because your liberal media isn't reporting it doesn't mean its not happening! Coalition forces have taken out plenty of terrorists in the past two weeks alone in Afghanistan and you sit here and say nothing is happening??? Oh and by the way....when did Bush say invading Iraq had anything to do with 9/11? Why would he say that when EVERYONE on the planet already knew exactly who was behind it and where they came from? Man, the more liberals speak out about the war the more it seems that liberalism is nothing but a disease that wipes out the brain's ability to comprehend things.
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    "WASHINGTON -- President Bush, having repeatedly linked Saddam Hussein to the terrorist organization behind the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, said yesterday there is no evidence that the deposed Iraqi leader had a hand in those attacks, in contrast to the belief of most Americans."

    So, I said....when did he ever link Saddam directly (as in having a hand in it) to 9/11? There is a huge difference between linking him to al-Qaida and linking him directly to the attacks.
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    How was Saddam linked to al-Qaida?
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    Either way I think I missed the part where Iraqi's were attacking and killing Americans before we invaded.
    Saddam was the only person who could control these people. His (Saddam) ties to Al-Qaeda were weak, at best. We have tried and failed and now it's time we bring our boys home. You win some, you lose some. Failure is inevitable when you are divided, as we are in this country. In order to succeed we have to believe in the objective and 60% of Americans do not.

    The idea that we were attacked by terrorists so we must now rid the entire world of terrorism is totally absurd. Not to mention, attempt to force democracy on a region that has no use for it. Why are the modern day crusades the burden of the US taxpayer? Does GW think he's the Pope? It's not our job to fix the problems of the rest of the world!

    The situation is far more complex than you crying "Liberalism is a disease" and anyone who disagrees with you has it.
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    Link to article in March of 2003' discussing this very issue of whether directly or indirectly said by Bush.

    The impact of Bush linking 9/11 and Iraq |

    Transcription of March 2003' President Bush Press Conference article above spoke of. Read it and decide for yourself.

    President George Bush Discusses Iraq in National Press Conference

    Only thing I would point out is that just after 9/11 only 3% believe Iraq linked to event. In March of 03' that number depending on poll taken was upwards towards 50%. Somebody was surely suggesting to the American public this was the case as polls indicated so who would have the motive to have the public thinking in that way?

    In Sept. 2003' you would now see this.

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush rejects Saddam 9/11 link

    What had already happened from March of 03' to Sept. 03' that any suggestion of a link would need to be addressed publically to now dispell? Why not dispell it back in March of 03' after the polls were showing so many Americans were in fact believing the Iraq to 9/11 link?
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    Anyone heard about the Iranian troops, in uniform, crossing the border and engaging US forces in battle. There's been at least a half-dozen confirmed reports yet no one speaks of it.

    We will be stuck in this quagmire until Armageddon.
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    CTOTH, where have you seen 'confirmed' reports? The only thing I've seen is our invasion of an Irianian consulate and the arrest of Iranian diplomats in the Kurdish region, and the unconfirmed downing of a US drone in Iranian airspace.

    On the bright side, I have heard that Bush has scheduled Armegeddon to commence before the end of 2008, so we won't be stuck in a quagmire for much longer.
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    The worst thing America could ever do is pull out of Iraq now. It would be the worst mistake any country has ever made and probably ever would make. This is not just some boxing match that someone is losing and can throw the towel in on when things are going bad and just move on like nothing every happened. If we back out of this one now that will only weaken our position against terrorists and Islam in the future. No one will have to think twice about hitting us again because they know that the liberals in this country will do everything they can to undermind any effective response. So basically...liberals, and a few Republicans here and there, are holding this country back. GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET OUR PRESIDENT DO HIS JOB! If you aren't part of the solution then your are part of the problem. If we pull out then what? Do you think that ignoring the terrorists and those who support them are going to make them go away?!? I don't think so.

    Oh, and by the way.....I listen to allot political talk radio (left and right) and try to catch as much politics on tv as I can as well as read the message boards and I have yet to hear any reasonable ideas on how things should be handled in the war in Iraq and the War on Terrorism in general. All I ever hear is "cut and run", "it's time to get out", etc. Is that the only mentality Liberals have? Quiting? Nothing else to offer to help save this country from being takin over by throat cutters?
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    Git 'er done !!!
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    You make me sad.
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    I think I heard it on Glenn Beck but I couldn't find anything in writing that states they have been confirmed to be engaging US troops but nonetheless a few links for you.

    US Troops fighting Iranians in Iraq
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    What do you think should be done? These people that you speak of spend between 8 and 12 hours a day analyzing the state of the Iraq war and they seem to think that withdrawing is our only viable option. What does a UPS driver in TN know that military and political analysts don't? If we were fighting a war on cardboard, I might be inclined to ask for your opinion but this is a war on something the American people know nothing about nor do we understand it and therefore our troops cannot be effective in that evironment with the current rules of engagment.

    No matter how much money we spend or troops we deploy, the situation in Iraq will only escalate and the only people that can stop it are the Iraqis because they understand the general mind set of the demographic in the middle east.