Is Amazon's Latest Move Going to Crush UPS and FedEx?

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    Is Amazon's Latest Move Going to Crush UPS and FedEx? - Motley Fool

    The announcement that is inviting budding entrepreneurs to become Amazon Delivery Service Partners as part of its crowdsourcing delivery model will naturally concern investors in United Parcel Service and FedEx Corporation. But is it really that big of a threat? In reality, it could turn out to be more of a help than a hindrance and stockholders in the package delivery giants should not be unduly worried. Here are three reasons why.
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    Yea ok we been saying that for years amazons not a threat , they are definitely a cause for concern
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    japan underestimated "the sleeping giant" in 1941

    nuff said
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    They can't compete with the brownie teamsters...

    However, the subcontractors of the eggplant team are in for an awakening If Amazon pays better than the purple machine.

    I'm jumping ship if they do!