Is it just my hub that can't get payroll right?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by oldbrownbill, Dec 5, 2014.

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    I have been with the company for 2 months now and can't believe how many people have been receiving pay checks that are incorrect. Funny thing is its never in the employees favor. It always takes 3-4 weeks or longer to get corrected. And its not just with new employees. Currently there is a 14 year employee missing out on hundreds of dollars and its been going on for 3 weeks. Just wondering if this is a common problem or just location specific...
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    You're not alone. Whenever I go to clock in my official start time is usually about an hour after they told me to come in. So I'll work 5 hours and when I punch out, it says I've only worked 4. Every night my supervisor has to go in and adjust people's start times so that we get paid correctly, but my sup is the type of guy who would screw you over to make his numbers look better. People complain about getting underpaid all of the time. Every mistake is in the company's favor like you said, and it's a pain having to keep track of your own hours each week.

    So you're definitely not alone. It sickens me that the payroll department and management could be so unethical at times.

    We're all here to get paid, end of story.
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    Common problem, see a steward and invoke National Master Art 17.
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    A 14 year employee should know enough to file a grievance....and the employee's payroll issue would magically have been fixed right away. Ya can't fix stupid.
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    Happens everywhere. Some places less often. You need to file a grievance. That way if the take 3-4 weeks to fix it, at least you get penalty pay
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    Penalty pay you say?
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    My checks are frequently wrong, especially when my full time sup is on vacation. Always keep close track of your hours, including accrued sick hours, optionals, vacation etc. Your check is available to view after midnight on wed/thurs each week so let management know (on the clock) what's missing and request an immediate adjustment. I'm usually made whole right away but as some previous posters said you can file for penalty pay if it isn't done on time. Either way they will be more careful entering your time each week if they know you will call them on it
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    Go read Article 17 of the Master Agreement. My manager 3 years ago was a jerk and an idiot. I made $8k in penalty pay that year
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    All good stuff. Thanks!
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    Also call the ethics hotline. Very few people have access to change time cards.
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    It's our responsibility to check the SOR each & everyday. Discrepancies must be reported for each & every infraction.
    Here's the formula for you to easily calculate n keep 'unscrupulous' sups in check:
    Keep track of your punches.
    Multiply the minutes of your in time by 1.667.
    Multiply the minutes of your out time by 1.667.
    This will give you the # of 'clicks' for your actual time of work.
    Subtract your out time from your in time...there's your hourly time in 'clicks'.
    Example: Worked from 9:30am til 3:45pm. Hours are in military time.
    Therefore, 15.75 (finish time) minus 9.50 (start time) = 6.25 (total hrs in 'clicks').
    EZ once you get the hang of it!
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  12. first lady hh 3

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    Your welcome!
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    Talk to yourself a lot?
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    It happens at my hub too. Many sups will shave your time to make production. Your best defense is a 5-10$ pocket day planner and write down your time. As long as you do it everyday and are consistent, its all the documentation you need to get paid correctly. Most sup wont bother shaving your time if they know you do this. and even then it still might happen for whatever reason. But if you check the WOR and verify your times it shouldn't take weeks to get fixed. If it an adjustment is need and it takes more than a week, file. They have 3 days or you get penalty pay. I like it too because I can keep things in is like my cheat sheet for CHSP quizzes or mini load charts, time card, just random papers that come in handy.
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  16. Wally

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    I think the union should make a big push starting now, to stop this once and for all. Forms with the above information should be posted all over all work locations. Also include local Attorney General's contact number on the form, just in case. There should be zero reason anybody is changing hours worked.