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  1. I had a misload ND that is about 30 mins. off of my route today, I called it in and the OMS said he would call the FT Sup. I never heard anything then I see the FT Sup. leaving where he was eating lunch, He was with a couple of the Saftey people so I know they saw me. I called and spoke to the OMS and he said that he already told the FT Sup. about the ND, he did not follow me to get it to make service. What can I do since the customer did not get his pkg. The Sup. did nothing to attempt the service and the customers are the ones that provide us with the job we do.
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    Did the OMS...excuse me The Specialist say what the Sup told him/her?
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    Make sure the package is sheeted correctly when you bring it back to the center.

    Its then up to the customer to request a Guaranteed Service Refund. That's going to come as a hit to the center and it's something that they are going to have to deal with. It's a hit to the balanced scorecard and if this happens repeatedly, it's something that has to be explained to the Division Manager.

    If they change the way the package is sheeted to avoid this, that's an integrity issue and it should be reported.

    It's also important to know that there could have been other arrangements made with the customer. It is doubtful, especially when it appears to be a mis-sort, but . . . Some time ago people were commenting here on believed service failures on Valentine's day without realizing that we had made prior arrangements with a large number of retailers to deliver packages with an EOD commit instead of the standard Saturday commit.

    Also, some customers because of the arrangements they have made with UPS cannot receive GSR's.
  4. OMS said the the FT Sup. said nothing at all, and as usual when we have misloaded pkgs. we sheet them as missed. Someone has to be looking at the reports to stop this somewhere I hope these Sups. here do not give a crap, but they are quick to to tell the drivers what they are doing wrong.
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    The supe, much like the company in general, cares nothing about service. All they worry about is following drivers around.
  6. Very true, to be honest the new Sups. and manager (4 years) have been the worst ones. I have been here for 18 years and never have I been in any trouble, the last year or more I keep getting warning letters that I never recieve and I have been calling the hotline on there harrasing me. Yesterday I was followed and I was told that I rode off with my 4 ways, when I asked how far the Sup. did not have any answer, then he told me that I rolled through a stop that had no sign. After that he got me on 2 unnecessary backs the first one is a dead end road adouth 500 yards, the other was a fenced in area that has 4 mobile homes. So for now on I will be walking these off, then I am sure they will come at me with stealing time, personally I do not care anymore and I wil have me a grivence tommorow on there retaliating on me for all of my hotline calls.
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    Brown Suit,

    Reporting this did nothing in my center. I cant go into details but hiding missed pkgs from the customer is easy and done quite a bit here.
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    Is it worth it pnly on Pay Day

    In business development all they care about is listening to what you do and telling you everything you did wrong and how they could have done it better. If they were so good at doing it why did they quit doing it. In sales the old saying goes, those who can sell, do, those who cannot teach. What can a person who does not know how to sell teach a person who does not. I beat my head against a brick wall every day. Why can they not realize that putting me down all day does not want to make me jump right back in there and have them do it again.

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    SCREAM CHICKEN SCREAM. I only wish I could file greivances. All I can do is smile and take it. Why is it the ones that know how to do the job so perfectly are not doing it? I cannot find the answer to that question.

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    ft sup should not be delivering pkgs
  11. your right brownman15 but the FT sup. could have at least picked it up from me and had it shuttled to the area that the driver was in and they could have made service, let me not make an attempt on a pkg as they watch on Google and see how much hot water I get in, but it's ok for them to hide pkgs. tiegirl thanks and what is the meaning in your screen name.
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    Did you record the package as missed?
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    Don't let them pin it on you without a fight.
  14. once it's called in if they do not respond they tell us to sheet it missed, I also put in the remarks colum, per man.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    That sucks! If I knew a sup was intentionally following me I would call 911 and say there is a suspicious car following a UPS truck around and laugh as cops swoop in and perform a body cavity search (bring a camera!).
  16. That is a hood one, next time I may just do it.