Is that for real?



<font color="0000ff">I pulled this off the main page of

</font><font color="ff0000">"voter comment: raises are important because we are still underpaid we should be at 25$hr already - greg"

</font><font color="0000ff">Now I have no way of knowing if this guy is a driver but if he is then what he is saying is funny to me. Drivers at UPS are not even close to being underpaid. If that guy is anything other than a driver, and especially if he's part-time, then even I as a part-timer myself I would have to disagree with him that we should be making 25.00/hr by now. Yes I do believe we get paid dirt and that we deserve more but not 25.00/hr...LOL. It would be nice and I'd gladly accept that pay. Who wouldn't??</font>


If some of these people had their way we would all make 30 bucks and hour, have a six hour planned day,(with a helper),and get a pat on the back every night when we made it back to the center. After 23 years with UPS I must say I am dissapointed with the attitudes of some of our younger brothers and sisters. It would seem the only reason some have kept thier jobs is because they must have witnessed a murder. This job is tough. We get payed well. The benefits are a definite plus. Feel fortunate to have it. I know I do.



Well said my friend. Your comments hit the nail on the head.

I'm of a difference situation at UPS in that my job has me knowledgable of industrial electro-mechanical operations. I know electrical including computer controls, industrial mechanical, pneumatics and hydraulics, welding and a hodge podge of other items as well. I'm also a journeyman machinist but it's been so many years not sure if I could even turn on a lathe. LOL! I've talked with a number of other possible employers as to what my skills are worth and I'm looking at $100k plus per year but I already make near that at UPS.

That's right because what you have to do is also include all your benefits. That $100k from other employers did not include near the benefits I have at UPS and here's the big kicker. Job Security. All the other situations did not offer near the job stability that I and the rest of us enjoy at UPS. Also don't forget all the numerous employee discounts we qualify for through UPS. I'm talking about if you go buy a car, computer or numerous other items your employment at UPS qualifys us for and in some cases discounts worth several $1000 off the purchase price. None of these other employers had this. At the end of the day I realized in order to have the same benefits as I enjoy at UPS (although on the front end I'd be making almost double my current hourly wage) I'd actually at the end of the day make less per hour and I'd have to spend the time and legwork to setup and maintain those benefits.

It's easy sometimes to look at UPS and complain and yes I do it too. All the time, Every day! LOL! But when you look at everything involved, when you take the job in it's totality then you realized just how fortunate you are. I'll agree that a PT timer can make more money for less work and effort but UPS has done a better job of selling itself and offering other perks that benefit a certain segment of the PT workforce. I do wonder how long this will maintain itself before the retention problems of a couple of years ago return. Will it be, UPS now will not only pay for your college but buy you a new car and set you up with the best looking chick or dude on campus. LOL!

I'd rather pay a higher wage and get an overall better class of employee rather than all the worthless dregs we get along with the college kids. Many of them come from environments that have no work ethic and it shows. I also admit that among those worthless rocks you do find from time to time nuggets of gold. JMO.