Is there any hope?

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    I'll try not to get winded...but I would greatly appreciate any help or advice I can get. I have worked in Minneapolis, MN local 638 for the past six years as a seasonal driver. I feel like a veteran, but am treated like scum nonetheless. (I know the contract i rights...nothing pretty much) I can handle whatever is thrown at me...and believe me they'll throw it. I know at least 15 or more bid routes inside and out...and anything goes w/ a cut route...just get it done, right? In short, I feel like I bring a bit a value to the table while knowing when Dec. 31 rolls around game over! I have completed another vacation season (summer) continuing my perfect safety and injury campaign all the while above average performance numbers...put it this way...i know the routes and numbers so well that i try to hit 0 to -0.5; this way i get my pay and they (mgt.) stays happy...occasionally (only b/c 8 hr request are now extinct) i have to work hard and put up -1.0 to -1.5 hr. performance. For me, I can honestly say I like the job. I feel honor and respect when I brown up. I enjoy my co-workers and and love coming to work. Anyhoo, Push has come to SHOVE for me! I feel like i'm getting nowhere and am worried i'll wake up another five years and be in the same spot. My two part problem. I have mentally and physically given up. I feel my work warrants a ft driving position, but I am more than willing to go PT, in order to one day become a FT Driver. The catch....I need supervisor approval to go pt (against their agenda)....HR is trying to get me back in the saddle for Peak season again...left me three messages on my phone already...I called back and told them I'm only interested in being a "real employee" even if that is PT. (only able to get voice mail) Now, HR ignoring me...i've left messages no response....???????? Do i just stay my ground and hold-them out until they will hire me PT? Or do I go back seasonally as this may be the only job I can get or have at UPS?
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    For the most part, that's quite a horror story. Of biblical porportions. Your six years in limbo could easily turn into 60 years. Your only escape is to put a letter in for management. Then you could be an on car soup tomorrow.
    Good luck.
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    It is almost October--Peak is right around the corner. This discussion should have taken place during the summer. I would work this Peak and then sit down with your mgt team and discuss your future in January.
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    They'll keep you in this limbo for as long as you'll let them.
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    I've always looked at it like this: the seasonal and vacation covers shoot themselves in the foot, in a way.

    If every single non-seniority cover (PT working as FT driver, for ex) refused to work, the company would have to create FT driving jobs.

    "Is there any hope"

    None, they play the same games with seasonal /vacation/ etc covers in our building. The more you drive, the more routes you pull, the further away from going FT you are. Whether "in season" or esp. just doing favors or mgmnt.
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    The only seasonals at my center work Preload or driver help.
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    The only seasonal workers that we have are hired for peak and they jump.
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    ask them where you stand in the 5/1 deal !! 5 insiders going full time versus one off the street. You should be a great candidate for an "off the street hire "" since you not a FT pt employee !!
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    They treat everyone like scum so welcome to the team, I doubt they will hire you full time they are laying drivers off and cutting routes all across the country but peak is coming and they know that they need to staff up for four or five weeks. I wish you luck.
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    Update...I talked with HR. They may be able to hire me into a pt sup position...must go up the chain of command first obviously. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the wizard approves. Otherwise, I go back to driving for peak. This may be quite a blessing since I already have a weekend job in which I could also expand hours if I were to go PT. Thanks for all the posts. I really appreciate everyone's knowledge on here. G'luck this peak...hopefully winter is kind...MN was tough last year.
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    I don't know that I'd call going pt sup a "blessing". They'll just string you along like they have been, you just get less pay.
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    That PT SUP position is a dead end job and the begin of the end of your employment at UPS either seasonal or other. They can't hire you as a FT driver untill after the First of the year even if they wanted to as nobody hired in Oct, Nov, and Dec can make seniority. The problem they have with you is that your seniority date could go all the way back to the first day you started driving seasonal for UPS 6 years ago depending on your location. They don't want that.
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    I hate giving advice but I have to give you my opinion.
    The truth,pt sup jobs suck the bag big time.
    You are given little to no leeway to do the next to impossible every day.
    Your best chance is to go driving after your stint as a sup.
    You will have your seniority from the day you start pt sup till then.
    All the seasonal work will not count.I may be wrong but I have seen many a pt sup where I am go driving,
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    yes, that's the only way i see it too. i have to pt sup for however long and beg and hope that my mgr. will hire me to drive from that position. much easier for management to do this, b/c i will already be receiving benefits. i know the job sucks. i try to be nice to the pt sups around my area...they are always being barked at by ft sups...
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    You will have benefits but you will be paying for them. I have one question for you to ask yourself "have you ever seen or heard of a PT Sup in the building your work in become a driver ?? PT Sup come and go all the time either because they are treated like crap or because someone in management promises them a quick promotion or a drivers job but never deliver on there promise.
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    I am also in 638.

    My advice to you, shorten your story, learn how to form paragraphs, pay your dues.

    Until the economy picks up and outside people are hired, you are stuck where you are. If you do not like it, move on.
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    Okay. Sorry my grammar offended you. I appreciate your advice.
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    Here is a person trying to get some info and form options and you are ....a jerk.

    Maybe a Honda would suit you better.
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    Thank you!! And I think you were putting it nicely. I was just telling my husband how some losers hide behind their computers feeding their egos, somehow making themselves feel superior by being "jerks." For what? He probably contributes to society as much as he did in that post, NOTHING. Loser!