It Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime........

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    It Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime........
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    R.I.P. driver.

    I'd like to know what happened. I'd guess that he supplied air to the rear trailer, which wasn't on the pin, and it rolled forward?
  3. cachsux

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    It looks like he skipped the pin and the back box came forward once he supplied air. Thats why they beat it into our heads to pull the trailer supply handle before you go out and hookup the hoses. He probably should have given the box a tug also and it would have revealed the false couple also.
    My feeder training sup ,knowing we were otherwise safely coupled, let me put air to the back box as I put together one of my first sets. When that back box came forward almost a foot and put the fear of Jesus in me he said now you know why you pull the handle.

    Tough way for someone to learn that lesson.
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    Sad and traggic accident. Im suprised they worded it as a "Fed Ex employee" since their drivers are owner operators.
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    If you look from this angle, it appears that he first failed to set the tractor parking brake, and then failed to pull the hand valve.

    When he supplied air to the rear trailer, he should have done the service side first and noted that no air set the rear trailer brake.

    Instead, he either failed to notice and go back to set the hand valve, or supplied the emergency side first.

    With air supplied to all the trailers, the rig rolled backwards. You can only back a set a few feet before it will start to jackknife like that.

    We can all learn from this to slow down and think about what we're doing.

    R.I.P. driver