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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by lifer, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. lifer

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    Is anyone here involved with software development with UPS in NJ or one of the other locations?

    with all of the new technological advances(PAS etc), I would like to get some feedback about turnover in IT at UPS.

    where are we getting our IT people? from within? or recruiting at colleges?


  2. jackvette

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    As with the rest of the IT world, turnover is not very high right now.

    As far as where they come from, it depends. The true IT people are generally brought from the outside. A upser with the proper experience and education would be considered.

    There are UPS business people that work in IT too. Their job is to tell IT what to build. These jobs are generally filled from the inside.

    You mention PAS. In PAS for instance, about 20% of the people building the product were long-time UPSers who set the direction.

  3. upscorpis

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    Where the people come from usually depends on the role. Like Jack stated, the folks that fashion the system requirements and set the direction of the products are largely from the districts, especially if the system in question is operations oriented (vs. the web or shipping systems). Developers, however, are almost solely from the outside. I know of only a handfull of developers that have district experience. I've not seen a district person brought into a developer position since myself almost 8 years ago. Of course, that's just my personal experience.
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    thanks for your replys --- I will be there eventually but for now I will focus on promotion and then an MBA with possibly an IS concentration @ UTA to add to my CIS undergrad.

    thanks again.