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    days after the apr 2009 earnings report, the wheels were set in motion to lay off UPS IT workers in the near future in order to go more lean and mean and save money. if you just write code and/or are not a "star" and you work in UPS IT, your days may be numbered. update your resumes folks, it's going down. the brutal economy will be brutal to UPS IT, it will NOT be spared....... and don't look for a formal announcement; like lot's of companies, UPS is keeping layoffs quiet to remain in the best light for Wall Street.
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    Several are a couple of questionable postulates in your post ... but keeping your skill set up to date and your resume updated are prudent measures.

    if you just write code and /or are not a "star" and you work in UPS IT, your days may be numbered.
    I guess it depends on where you are and which systems you work on. UPS may not be hiring people but they have been very few actual layoffs and none that I can see at least for another year. We have so many contractors working here now, we could reduce the workforce by 20% before actually laying off a UPS IT employee.

    UPS is keeping layoffs quiet to remain in the best light for Wall Street.
    This is the exact opposite of what companies do ... they announce layoffs but in many cases, only partially, execute the announced number of layoffs.
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    What do you suppose will be the highest grade level to experience a layoff if there are layoffs? <grade 17? grade 17? grade 18? grade 20? grade 21? grade 23? > grade 23?
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    Those are not the grade levels they use in IS.
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    They worked so well for so long but I suppose if it ain't broke break it.

    I believe the stated goal of the new classification system is to give more raises without giving more compensation.

    I have no idea which system is in popular (not official) use in ISNJ but all the people I talk with (both of them) use the old system.

    BTW, if you had to swing the ax at what level would you be swinging?
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    Below the Project Lead level ...
    I don't think it is advisable to outsource management. It is hard to have accountability in a contract (outsourced) agreement.

    If changes are going come it would be be at the level where people are actually doing the coding.
    JMHO without much actual experience working "within" that environment.
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    Why not?
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    With the new plan, of outsourcing everything, then lots of middle mgmt will not be needed.

    If your a middle mgr (pl to sys mgr), just remember this.

    When most of the staff is outsourced to a vendor, then there is no need to do QPR performance reports, no need to do mandatory training on 'keeping our reputation', no need to do TLA's, no need to do CDPG's, no need to approve WAR every week, no need to do most of what you get paid to charge 40+ hours of "admin" time in WAR for today.

    It will be funny to see the looks on some middle managers faces when their positions are not needed anymore and they find themselves unmarketable since they have not done anything actually technical in years.
  9. It is my belief that effective outsourcing to any degree requires very effective management, great attention to details in the contract, requirements, quality assurance, and sustainability systems management wise of whatever is being outsourced. Many companies have not been successful because the management expertise was not there in the first place.

    Surely, as you say, there would be less of the adminsitration you mention, but there would be more attention paid to the analysis, requirements, design, build, test, install, and maintain parts of any effort. More 'systems management', a higher level on theh CMM, better for everybody.

    Go UPS!
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    There will be an announcement before the Thursday shareowners report that UPS is going to 2 domestic regions and will look to lay off or remove from the payroll 9000 employees. Why so many? No one left the company when they had all of the previous consolidations and not enough people are retiring because of the economy. Things will be done behind the scenes and no one will know what is coming until you are told you won't be employeed any more. I have been around a long time and have NEVER seen it this bad. The current leadership could care less about the employee, just their bonus and whatever it takes to make the millions for themselves.
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    I really wish that they would "cut" some people. There are SO many people that actually provide nothing everyday and have no marketable skills. Most middle management falls into this bucket. Wouldn't everyone want the bottom 10% to be cut instead of taking a pay cut?

    The "rumor" I am hearing is that pay cut is going to occur. I say that knowing that it is not a reputable source and I really have no reason to believe it other than that sounds more like UPS than a layoff of some people that probably weren't doing much anyway. Is anyone else hearing anything about a pay cut?
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    I have heard the the (2) regions and also heard varying lengths of unpaid vacation at Corporate. Both rumors from someone that knows someone ... both seem they would be difficult to implement. With cuts in operations, it does seem logical that some cuts need to be made in management.
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    If needed, I think "The New Brown" is going to have to start making reduction of employees based on merit ... if pay is cut again (reduced raises and no raise = cut), the good ISers will continue to leave. To be honest, how that is accomplished is a mystery to me in this age of litigation and Political Correctness.
    As the saying has goes ... Interesting times ahead.
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    It is interesting that a lot of the posts talk about excess management, too much overhead, etc. Why don't the people at the top of the management pay scale give up all of their bonus money for a year or two? I know it would only be a few million but it would show that they are willing to make the "sacrifice" that they always tell us to make. Everyone, operations, management, staff, everyone is wondering when the next ax will fall. How much could unpaid vacations actually save? Like I said, maybe these people getting million dollar bonuses should give them up.
  15. Dfigtree

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    "The company has been cutting costs and jobs. An executive has said UPS cut 10,000 domestic jobs in the first quarter through attrition and part-time employees leaving and not being replaced.
    The company previously said economic indicators suggest recovery in the U.S. might begin late this year, but more likely not until 2010"

    An unnamed executive? Is somebody talking out of school or simply trying to mislead the public? Very unUPS to go unnamed.
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    Please, there are no unnamed executives here. These plans were put into place a long time ago and it's unfortunate that those that are politically connected and that are good at BSing the BSers are the ones that are being kept while hard workers are set up for loss of job, benefits, MIP/RSU's (supervisors earned in years past will not be given them), and Retirement plans. The creative documentation is dependent on how much middle managers they think they can get away with to make them look even better when they report back all that they saved the company.

    Didn't anyone read or listen to the the 4th quarter financial release statement for this past year? The last paragraph clearly states the intention:
    Davis added, "Our company has long demonstrated the ability to manage effectively in response to changing market conditions and is financially the strongest in our industry. UPS will emerge leaner, more focused and better positioned when economic trends improve."
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    Didn't Stephen King do a novel about UPS emerging Leaner and leaner? what was it called? oh yeah, Thinner.
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    Yes ....due to the Global Development initiative
  19. storm4

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    What does Global Development have to do with replacing domestic employees with consultants?
  20. FadedBrown

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    Global Development has everything to do with replacing domestic employees with consultants. Several projects have already been announced which are being moved to consultants. ISNJ has over 100 positions already impacted by Global Development. Since we don't have any open positions in IS what do you think is going to happen to those people?