It starts tomorrow


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Well, officially anyhow.

Actually, I was thinking Peak started here about 3 weeks early this year. Anywhere else?

We've had extra routes in for 3 weeks now. I can't remember extra routes being in before Thanksgiving before.

Tomorrow should be ugly! Monday is the heaviest day on my route anyhow, and with all the Closed Friday...

Good Luck to all this Peak! Be careful out there.


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yes, peak is here. just like all the years before you. some how it all works out. just remember more stops the longer it takes.


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We have been running two split cars in my work area for several weeks. I ran 180 stops Wednesday in 10.2 hours after pulling off 35 that morning myself plus about 30 to 40 my preloader took off before I got there. Hmm, thats about 250 stops on my whole area, mosly DR, if I had attempted to do it all myself. I work in a high growth area with many new subdivisions in it, I work up to eight hours with 125 stops and driving 110 miles. I expect this to be the Peak Season From Hell! I ran 43 stops Friday in five hours, I had to be sure all those air packages got delivered.



It was light here in Canada for industrial volume Friday because of your holiday but I`ve noticed a huge increase in resi`s even this early in the year.I used to get maybe 20 tops,now with ebay and the shopping channel I`m up over 40,and its just beginning of peak.I`m looking forward to the resi oncalls with 8 waybills going to 8 different states that want to pay by cash(we still do that up here)and with the 18:30 cutoff time for oncalls,it can get intense at times.We must be back to bldg by 19:30 or face the disciplinary consequences.I love peak.Its accentuated here by lots of snow and the thing I hate most...freezing rain...on top of 2 feet of snow,you have to trudge through the crap at night just to see the house numbers...but hey,I`m Canadian,I can take it.


we are experiencing some more volume here earlier as well. However, It might have more to do with how we are actually trying to keep the under 9.5 thing. What is most exciting is we just got at least a foot of snow this weekend. Yippee!!


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We've had peak volume here for the past couple of months. Tremendous growth here. So many new accounts etc...So with the real peak season coming, it will be just chaos.


scratch_king said:
...I ran 43 stops Friday in five hours, I had to be sure all those air packages got delivered.

haha thats nothing I ran 25 stops in 8 hours
and somewhere around 260 miles hehe my god that route is odd.


Yep it started today center manager tells us in PCM. Welcome to peak 2005. 30 min later on car sup comes to me and another driver and says, "We don't know where you two are going today. Want to go home?" Well most all know you don't need to ask that question twice. We both didn't give them time to change their minds.


Our volume has been heavy for the last month or so. It could also have to do with not enough employees to handle the workload. Seriously, I think we will have packages that dont get delivered simply because we are going to run out of hours available.


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Drivers going home?

I am in Florida and our building has 42 spots to park.
We ran 63 runs on Friday-with many drivers out past 9:00.
The volume never dropped off all summer, and it continues to grow here!


12-27 they will lay off 18% in three districts here. 16% in the other three.

Peak day every day. Thats what youre going to see in 2006.