It's OFFICIAL...He got his job back!!!

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    Sorry I took so long. We were just being carefull. He actually got his job back on Tuesday in Alabama, he had to travel there but never actually had to sit in panel. the Union reps and the UPS labor guy came to an agreement. The Labor guy said the Union reps harped on him all day so they gave him and offer without going to panel and we took it. Job back, seniority and all returns to normal. He has to join the safety committee and have a supervisor ride with him for 2 days. No back pay, but he did have the choice of going to panel, but I didn't want to take the chance. We really didn't care about back pay at that point. That day he was told not to tell ANYONE till he went back to work today, so that's why no post. He said the sup who fired him didn't even say hello thismorning. everyone has warned him of the big X on his back now. All he can do is be carefull. The union told him that UPS had a really bad case. There was no official tow. everyone left the scene after the driver refused tow. according to UPS, the father then called someone to tow him with a rope "just to be safe" because the car was running and working. but UPS couldn't get this story straight because they kept calling and calling the people and then showed up at their house, the people probably wondered "what the heck is going on" so they got a lawyer and said they weren't saying anything else.

    I am so freaking relieved. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being there for me, you friends have been wonderfull and full of information. Iv'e been trying to talk my husband into joining here, he may or may not, he just isn't really a computer person. I really can't thank you enough for being there when I didn't have anyone to talk to about this.

    It was so hard for him not to tell his friends at work all week, like 10 drivers must have called. but I'm sure they understand now.

    Thanks again!
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    hey thats great ... all the best
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    Glad to hear it, and I agree with your decision not to go to panel, no point in taking any chances. Now just keep it between the ditches from here on out :happy2:
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    Congratulations to you and your husband. It sounded all along to me that the case against your husband was weak. I wish him luck and hope he keeps himself safe for a while. Managers will always come and go, eventually his current one will move on. I've worked for so many different ones, I can't remember some of their names.
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    God is GOOD!:peaceful:
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    Been reading all the threads on this and glad he got his job back :)
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    These things usually end up being a run of the mill suspension. Told ya. Now time to move on. congratulations! Always remember, CYA CYA CYA.
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    Thanks for the update, and I'm glad things worked out for the best. Good luck!
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    Super...I guess he knows to study up on his safty rules..Watch your ass with the center manager.Hopefully the center manager will move on to someone else and leave your husband alone....The safty committee just means more hours= more money and its a good way to learn about safty for awhile.It's not permanent..
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    Glad your family can now breath easier.. I am sure the stress was hard on all of you.. Your husband just needs to make sure he does his job by all of the methods and try and fly under the radar for a while..

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    AAAAHHHH..Nice to hear the hearing was in his favor. Don't sweat the center manager there is such a thing called a retaliation suit if he starts targeting your worries!
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    Congratulations. Glad to hear we didn't lose a brother.:woohoo:
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    I am happy for you and your family. No one wins if your husband is out of a job.

    There should be some "welcome back" dialog between your husband and the manager. It may involve some expectations as well. This should be initiated by the manager. If your husband does not have this and the management team is being cold have your husband arrange a meeting with the steward, manager, his supervisor and maybe the BA.

    The management team needs to be professional and get this behind them as well. I am not trying to be an alarmist just hope that things get back to normal quickly.
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    Sometimes life gives the test first and the lesson later.
    This has been a rather expensive lesson as they sometimes can be.
    I hope your husband has learned NOT to do these people any favors.
    Don't get on the truck early and massage the load.
    Don't skip your lunch.
    Don't go fast to turn good numbers for the boss.
    Don't take shortcuts.
    Watch those intersections. I would rather sit at the interesection for an extra 60 seconds to assure that everyone at the intersection knows what's going on then to try and hurry through and end up like your husband.
    I am so glad for you and your husband.

    Lesson learned.
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    Very happy for you! Remember: tell hubby to keep his head down and keep moving!
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    In the hub, that is! On the road, keep your head up and slow down!
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    Not the safety committee!!!!! Poor guy. Congrats on getting the job back. How long has it been since the "incident?" Things moved along fairly quickly. I know others who were out months before they got their jobs back. Watch your back!!
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    I have been following your story since the begining I am very happy for the both of you great news:happy2:
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    What is this UPS world coming to when they have to force some one to be on their "safety committee"!!!!!
    Oh well it could have been worse like cleaning the bathrooms or something. Congrats to both of you. This was better than Oprah because I was keeping an eye out for a new post from you everyday.
    UPS can be such high drama at times :happy-very:
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    Congratulations, Wife and to your husband! Job well, done!