"It's too easy to fire drivers using computers!!!"



wornoutupser: when you make that call, you can do it confidentially and the management team will never know who called.

LP will get your concern and start an investigation without the management team ever knowing it. That is the beauty of technology - the management team can be held accountable for their integrity.


Hey tieguy,
I lmao at your comments.

Yesterday we were joking how sups would go home and tell their kids they need more production than last years halloween. Here is the halloween pcm. "Kids, sporh last year was 20 houses, this year 30. Make sure you get quality volume-(no crappy candy). Have a sense of urgency. Knock and ring the door bell. Most importantly, take the path of least resistance. Work 4 hours, and not over 5 hours.
You see the ups methods can be applied to every aspect of life.

As you increase altitude, gas pressure increases. So we can assume (no pun) where the customer lives, determines the amount of bathroom time needed by the customer. A customer living at 5000 feet will complete bathroom duties quicker than the customer at sea level. (one variable is the amount of fiber injested) So drivers delivering at higher altitudes should have their times adjusted for a quicker customer response time.

Yes, I have come to realize all that counts is to do my job effectively, and not worry about the "numbers".

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Having had to use the hotline before, there is a real possibility that your name will come up as the one that called in.

When LP calls you into the office to get your statement, that will raise some eyebrows. And when LP starts looking into the false #'s........well most managers are smart enough to put things like this together.

I told my center manager that I was calling and why, before I called.