Jane Goodall to UPS: Stop shipping big-game trophies

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    Jane Goodall to UPS: Stop shipping big-game trophies - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    Renowned African wildlife defender Jane Goodall has sent a letter to United Parcel Service Inc. to ask the Atlanta-based shipping giant stop shipping the carcasses of exotic wildlife slaughtered by trophy hunters.

    In her letter to UPS International President Jim Barber, Goodall notes the domino effect Cecil the Lion’s recent death has had on his cubs and how major airlines, including Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) have since stopped shipping big-game trophies. However, UPS (NYSE: UPS) says it follows U.S. and international laws, not public opinion, in determining what it will and won’t ship.
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    Shove it Jane!
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    One of tony's old girlfriends?
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    Which one?
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    I thought she died. Isn't she about 120 years old by now?
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    That's not very nice.
    Are you waisting valuable bandwidth again?
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    Is this Romper Room?
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    Don't you have a plunger to clean?
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    I am actually waiting for my elephants tusks to come in.
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    Sweet Jane, she was nice to me.

    Listen up!!

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    The company has "caved" to everything else such as:
    religious exceptions,
    "green" vehicles and,
    other issues I can't think of;

    I guess when there is no more wildlife the company will find something else to ship.

    Stay classy!

    Ok, "worldwide".....tell me how stupid I am.
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    Just not true. Barnum and Bailey will always keep a few on hand
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    I'm still waiting for some actual African nationals whose children have been dragged off into the bush and mauled to complain.
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    Don't go where the lions go and you won't have any problems.

    It's kinda like "don't go where the cars go and you won't get hit".

    Relatively simple.
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    I read where a relative of Cecil had killed a tour guide. Revenge?
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    I never once said you were stupid. Perhaps others have offered that suggestion or you have heard it from others throughout your life.

    I'm simply lamenting how when a group feels offended over something, companies are so quick to appease them lest they suffer some negative publicity. UPS, as well as FDX and others, are not breaking any laws by transporting these items. It's a slippery slope...what other items that are inside the packages in the UPS network do others find offensive and want banned? Lots of porn and sex toys are transported - should they be banned because the religious right may find them offensive? If the issue is that people don't want big game hunted or shark fins transported, address the root problem - ban hunting and harvesting of those animals and they will not be transported. Instead, these groups go for the "soft target" and the court of public opinion.

    On the flip side, if UPS has calculated they can increase earnings by "caving" to these individuals and groups, then as a shareholder I support their decision. I'm just not convinced those calculations have been made and instead a kneejerk reaction has been made to appease the public. It's a touchy-feel, emotionally charged story - save the sharks! save the lions! No company can look good going against the grain on this, even when they are not breaking any laws.
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