January 22, 2010

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    On January 22, 2010 I will be making an anonymous call to the Employee Concern Help Line regarding the unreasonable maximum allowable temperature in UPS operating facilities.(The Building Heat Issue) I have delayed doing this so I could post it here. I'm posting this so if anyone reading this may like their facility mentioned in the concern they can PM me and I will forward the actual concern that I will be making. Then you can decide if you want your facility mentioned in this concern. The concern will be written and I will read it verbatim when calling it in.

    If you know of anyone also concerned about this that may want their facility mentioned in this concern please refer them to this post. The deadline to have a facility mentioned will be 12:00 noon on January 22, 2010

    I will follow up with the Brown Cafe the response to this call when I get it.

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    lol. OSHA already came to my district for this very thing. Care to guess the result? I'll spoil it for you since I might not be back on later...... the temp remains the same.

    BTW, the employees called the Federal and State OSHA offices. Total of four visits..... zero fines, same temp.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahah. Why don't you get a job in an office somewhere, or maybe baggin groceries. They didn't ask you to work here. They asked for someone to work in grueling conditions that include extreme heat and cold and very hard labor for low pay. You misrepresented yourself as such. You have no place at this company and should try something else.
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    No offense Integrity, I usually like your posts, however this one is a little out there.

    1. Dress Warm (Gloves, Hats, and whatever else)
    2. If you load/unload or even pick off slides YOU WILL WARM UP
    2.1. If you dont load/unload trucks go back to point 1.
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    Jax, I'm all confused, is it hot down there or is it cold? The original post said "unreasonable maximum temperature". I wonder what the unreasonable maximum allowable temperature for the rear of a package car would be, errrr, in August?
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    I work at the Jax hub and the high was 55 today
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    lst two weeks 30's... its cold.

    in summer warm.. no ac ... same difference..
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    Just tell yourself it could always be worse. In the summer I just remind myself I'm not a roofer or a paver. Those guys have it rough.
    In the winter, I remember at least I'm not out there in the elements tending to cattle. I spent many a winter day on an open tractor feeding roundbales and breaking ice on the ponds.
    In short, my motto is "It could always be worse."
  10. Tired Driver

    Tired Driver Sisyphus had it easy.

    I - Center 2951 has sud standard heat. Package car do not even fit into the building.
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    i would suggest liability insurance for yourself. they will be looking to sue someone when they laugh hard enough to fall out of their chairs.

    ah, what the hell, knock your self out. they still have enough management surplus to where maybe actually you might get a response back.

    but more than likely, you will be treated as a pimple in the cog that is ups.

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    I take a nap on a Piece of cardboard in the rear of my package car on the hottest day in August on my lunch and in any other month of the year dosent everyone do this????
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    I would if I knew where your pkg car was.:greedy:
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    Hey I it's freezing in my building, can you include it in your call..

    My wife won't let me turn the heater up.
  15. trplnkl

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    Monster, that right there is funny
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    Dear JaxUPSHub,
    No offense taken. I welcome all comments. I only want to try to make UPS a better place to work.

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    Today I submitted an anonymous employee concern regarding the 2009 Energy Cost Savings Initiative and it implementation to the UPS Help Line. If you are interested in this issue you can Private Message me and I will send you the concern. I am considering posting it as a blog but I want to run it by a moderator to verify that it doesn't violate forum terms of use.

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    psst, hey i

    might want to rethink that a bit since you are so concerned about integrity.

    first, you dont have a clue about ups, its terminology, and what actually goes on at ups. basically, you dont work at ups.

    then you have a mentor that has between 15-30 years in, that is coaching you about what to say.

    now you say that ups management will not handle your concern properly? what, afraid of losing your position at ups?:happy-very:

    get some integrity man!