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  1. rea015

    rea015 New Member

    Do any of you go through this...... One day you love the job, the next day you hate, the next day you love it?
  2. ups_vette

    ups_vette New Member

    In my 32 years with UPS I had never met an employee (Management and Hourly) who didn't have a day where the hated their job. The problem arises when the number of days you hate your job (for whatever reason)outnumber the days you love your job. When that happens it's time to seriously consider another line of work.
  3. mgator39

    mgator39 Member

    Most days I love my job, some days I like it, and very few days I hate it. I hate it when it snows. I hate it when I miss or am late for one of my kids games. I loved it today because they paid me.
  4. KBlakk

    KBlakk Overworked & Underpaid

    I have my job and the people I work with but I hate the numbers before people agenda my employer has.
  5. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    Life is a love/hate relationship in everything you do. The name of the game is to have more love things in your life than hate. That to me makes for a healthier, happier, lovable person.

    I have my job and the people I work with but I hate the numbers before people agenda my employer has

    Speaking from experience and knowledge of the business world.

    All businesses are based on numbers, that is how an organization measure theirs productivity, sales, staffing needs, etc. And the employees of an organization are the one accountable to the numbers, if agreed upon or not. That's just the way it is.
  6. longlunchguy

    longlunchguy Runnin on Empty

    Some days I hate my job, but if I had NO job I think I'd hate that a lot more. If the radio has fresh bateries and the tunes on the radio are good, every day has the potential to be a good day.
  7. Griff

    Griff Active Member

    I love my job when I'm dispatched right and I have a decent load. Guess how many days a week this happens? Most days I go home with the feeling that I have a job, not a great job and not a bad job...just a job. I'm trying to use this job as a means to an end, I have serious doubts about being able to make it for 25 years. It's not so much the wear and tear on the body, I'm sick of the psychological warfare that goes on in the morning. I'll probably have a heart attack before I'm 35 at my current pace.
  8. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    Griff, Loved your post and I totally agree with you about the mind games. I show up 2 minutes before my start time just so I can avoid that Heart Attack...I get to work 15 minutes early but I don't walk in to punch in, till less than a few minutes so I am not late....

    Really not sure what works here...Been with the company 23 years and still very stressful ocupation! It helps having a good attitude but its seems they will try to take that away too! Oh well, better than not having a job like someone mentioned and It could be worse!:greedy:
  9. Tony31yrs

    Tony31yrs New Member

    I retired two years ago with 31 years in. I loved the job, the customers, the pay, the benefits and the pension. I hated most of the bosses. The first four years were parttime and fun. The next ten were hell and like working for Nazis. After that they gave us more responsibilities with the customers and got off our backs some. The last few were getting back to the old hell days, but by then I was one of the "old-timers" who didn't put up with their crap and they left me alone. The only problem was that EDD came in and I wound up with way too much overtime.
    I could have worked two months longer and gotten 25 years of safe driving and declined. I didn't want to work one day longer than I had to to get my pension. I got through it like a mercenary. They paid good and I just did the job.
  10. tups

    tups New Member

    Can't say I ever love my job on a daily basis. But it's more like some days I don't mind the job and most days I hate it.
  11. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I love most of my customers, don't mind hard work but the excessive overtime, political BS and threats I don't love.
  12. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    If I hated it, I would not do it.
    On the days that are really trying,
    I remind myself of the days of being broke and no job.
    The days I worked in a coal mine on 12 hr rotating shifts 7 days straight with 1 day off between changing shifts.
    To me, this is one of the easiest jobs (physically) I have had in my life.(No Joke)
    The long term rewards outweigh the daily BS.
    My only life advice is, if you hate it more than you like it, don't do it.
  13. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I can honestly say I never "loved the job" I liked the job most days. I loved the pay and the benifits (thank you Teamsters) and the people on my route (most of them anyways) and my fellow employees (most of them anyways). I hated the 15 to 30 min. of BS in the morning and the same when returning at night. I hated most of the management team 90% of the time. I loved that feeling you got when you woke up friday morning and could say "IT'S FRIDAY". I hated Monday mornings (some of my best drunks were Sunday nights just dreading going to work "in the morning). I had a good run but now " I LOVE RETIREMENT":clap::clap::taz::taz::punk::punk:
  14. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    For the most part, I love my job. I've known since I was a child that driving is what I wanted to do for a living. It might not be glamorous but it's what satisfies me.

    I'm like that Ronnie Milsap song:

    Some people work just to survive
    But up here in this cab that's when I'm most alive.
    I'm a prisoner of the highway
  15. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    There have been times where I was ready and waiting for a supe to say "one more thing" and I was outta there.... just walk off the belt... see ya...

    They never pushed me over that line but come close so many times...
  16. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    the psychological warefare you have to fight is that which is within. you took the job knowing it was going to be a ball buster. No one promised you a desk job you could sleep at. if you let the dispatch or pas put you in a crappy mood every day then you have only yourself to blame.
  17. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    So much typical UP$ management BS. I took the job believing that if I went out everyday and worked both hard and smart everything would be fine and dandy. Guess what? That is NEVER ENOUGH! It's one thing for a job to be a ball buster, but then when you get that done and feel pretty good about what you have accomplished then you have a "Tie" come up and bust your balls because you didn't cross a t or dot an i. THAT is representative of what makes people HATE their jobs. Ya know, it amazes me that I can be in a crappy mood because of dispatch or PAS, but when I leave the building everything seems a bit brighter, then I have to return to the building. And Tieguy 'ole boy, the psychological warfare is NOT from within, it comes directly from people in your position and you know it just as everyone else does, you just can't admit it.
  18. supercool

    supercool Member

    I'll admit, I love the job. It's hard, it doesn't pay well, and I have been screwed by management countless times, but I keep coming back. After being involved in such a big operation, even as a replaceable cog, it's hard to imagine going to something smaller, regardless of the field. I'm proud to say I work for UPS. It's such a departure from my day job (student :)). I like the people I work with, and I like working hard. Before I started at UPS I was weak and lazy. Now I have the ability to step up and get a job done. I'm sure I could have gained that job working elsewhere, but UPS is where I learned it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm actually kind of afraid of the day I have to quit to get a real job. There's something about blue-collar labor that is wholly fulfilling. Whenever people who don't work at UPS complain about the service, I get defensive -- it's like a family member.
    I can complain about it. You can't.
  19. IDoLessWorkThanMost

    IDoLessWorkThanMost New Member

    I love to hate my job. Does that count?

    Honestly, I understand what many of you are saying. There's alot of warfare, between management bending rules and breaking the contract, to poor equipment, lack of planning/ unrealistic expectations and time commitments...

    But at the end of the day, this is not a job.....not a's an 8 hour a day pasttime that pays a little money. What I do outside of UPS is what makes me tick. UPS is called survival....surely I could work in a field that requires talent, skill, dedication and would pay 1/2 -3/4 what UPS pays. But that would require endless hours and wouldn't allow me to live my life the way I want.

    UPS is the means that allows me to continue my success in other areas without taking the work home, working too long, or working too hard! :devil3: For that I'm grateful!
  20. oldupsman

    oldupsman Guest

    I'm really sorry for those of you that are so unhappy. And if you're really that miserable, you should leave. That's not meant to be a smart ass comment. Life really is just too short. UPS is not for everybody. I spent 32 years with UPS. A full time package car driver from day 1 to the day I left. I had 2 goals every day. Number 1, get myself back to the building in 1 piece. Number 2, get the package car back to the building in 1 piece. All that other stuff that goes on, and we all know what that is, well that stuff just works out. There were those occasional bad days where I butted heads with customers or managers or drivers. And those snowy days where I would have a moment where I'd say to myself, "What in the hell I'm I doing out here?" But the good far outweighed the bad. I worked with a lot of honest hard working people, management and union, who were truly concerned about getting the job done and had pride in doing it. I tried to come in with a positive outlook every day. And believe me, a good outlook to start the day can get you though the bad ones. It was not easy. But the end result of all that hard work was positive. I ended up a member of the Circle of Honor with over 30 years of safe driving. Retired this past year (2007) at 55 and I'm so happy, I can't stand it. Never regretted my decision to spend my job life at UPS. I wish you the same good fortune that I had.