JFK Admired Hitler?

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    And not that among Anglo-American leaders was JFK alone either. Even Reagan connected FDR to Mussolini but Reagan would also note FDR's importance and even an influence on his own political career. Newt Gingrich would go on to create a firestorm among some Red Staters by proclaiming FDR and not Reagan as the 20th century's greatest President.

    Critiques on the connections of The New Deal and Corporatism or Fascism under another name is not new. Even more interesting is a review in our day when we are perceived to be surrounded by both the dooms of economic calamity and life threatening terrorism yet who will save us? We need more "too big to fails" which is the prescription of the Corporatist State regardless of the sock puppet in the Oval Office. One can not tighten screws unless first the fear of the mind has been properly cultivated.

    One is left to ask if removing the horrors of WW2, what the attitudes towards Hitler and Mussolini would be today? When reading "The Doctrine of Fascism", II Deuce's masterwork, one has a hard time not discounting that US gov't policy employed by both parties is not the legacy of a villain of history while hiding the fact that the man is not given the credit in to what we as a society praise and even pledge allegiance.