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    ok so this is my first post here, but i was wondering if i could get some basic information about UPS....

    at the local UPS location there is an opening for a PT LOCAL SORT SUPERVISOR.

    1) i was wondering what is required with this job
    2) what my chances are of getting this job (is it one where UPS looks to premote people within their company) or are they willing to hire someone if they qualify for the job
    3) what is the usual hours for this job
    4) what is the typical starting pay for this

    also im looking for things that i could add to my resume, as in specific phrases that i could use to make myself stand out from the rest....

    i have worked the last 5 years for a financial advisiory company and am in need of additional hours. so i have delt with the windows operating system and its verious programs (word, excel, powerpoint... ect), i have also have extensive experience with customer relations both in person and by the telephone.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. filthpig

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    I have never heard of a case where UPS hired a PT supe off the street. That would be suicide for you anyway because you need to be in tune with the "culture of UPS" before entering management.
  3. brownrodster

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    1) Show up. Have a pulse. Deal with :censored2: off people. Give orders that even you think are ridiculous but you have to give them because you've been directed to do so.

    2) If they are hiring off the street it's because no one on the inside is willing to do the job. Chances ? Not sure.

    3) our PT sup's work 27.5 hours per week. An evening shift or an early morning shift. Ours have no problem leaving when their time is up but I've heard stories here of PT sups being forced/required to work over 27.5 for free.

    4) From what I've gathered it's somewhere in the 1500-1800 per month range.

    Good luck.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In addition to Word, Excel and Powerpoint, may I suggest you add a spell check program to your computer.

    I would politely suggest that UPS is not the place to look if you are just looking for a few hours to add to your work load. As was stated above, the atmosphere here is unlike anything you have ever had to deal with.

    If you are just looking to pickup a few hours, may I suggest working in the technology department at Best Buy/Circuit City? It sounds like you have an interest in technology so why not get paid for doing something you enjoy.

    P/T supervision has been likened to a black hole from which very few escape unscathed.
  5. barnyard

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    If you are looking to add hours, deliver pizzas.

    As a side note, we have hired 3/4's of the last pt supes off the street. They cannot train a new hire at all.

  6. brownrodster

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    I forgot to add. PT supervision is the worst job in the company. Everyone will treat you like crap.
  7. HazMatMan

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    Of course not, because how can someone train somebody else to do a job they themselves have NEVER done?? That's why it kills me to see these 18, 19, and 20 year olds who have no idea about how UPS runs become supervisors, and the funny but sad thing about it is UPS is the one who hires them as supervisors to run a billion dollar company. Some kids become sups just to add something to a resume and really could care less about the future or present status or well being of UPS.
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    At one time all of our P/T Supes were off the street on three belts... Then one preloader went on to P/T Belt Supe and then a second went on to P/T Belt Supe. The second one quit before the end of the first years and I have heard rumors the other is getting ready to quit...
  9. LKLND3380

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    This is very true...
  10. LKLND3380

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    :angry:The center manager will tell these "off the street" P/T supes that the preloaders need to be loading 1500 pph in EACH package car.. The P/T Supe then goes to the preloader and tells them they need to get their numbers up...

    :happy2:The preloader then laughs and tells the P/T Supe they are crazy and goes back to loading 250 pph...
  11. and 250 is damn fast as it is...especially if you're not misloading lol.

    a couple supes that I know of (that loaded for like a month, or in one case never loaded) quickly learned that theres what "they" want and what you can realistically get. I loaded for a while beforehand (years, not weeks or months like some) so I knew what was attainable and what was improbable. We had the methods training class and all that jazz, but the bottom line is sometimes the methods have to be bent or we won't finish on time (meaning stacking on the last boxline revolution). But don't try to convince them of exercise in futility.

    Our primary used to go down so much quicker before PAS (yes I said quicker, thats not a typo), now we don't get last package sometimes til 8am and then they want us to kick people off the clock when the slide is still at 70/80% and the cages are still being sorted to. I don't know why that is, PAS is supposed to make everything faster and more accurate right? Why are things slower? I just don't get it and it makes it harder for us to wrap up than it was previously.
  12. Mike Hawk

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    Only one of my 4 total preload supes has preloaded for any amount of time (6 months). It's really hard to work with them when they live in their fantasy world of numbers they are supposed to meet, rather than in the reality of what is possible when you give every loader an hour of training and leave him. Sometimes I wish I had the power to change it, but then I get fed up with my stupidvisors and say screw it I don't care. Like today we had 2 people call in sick and one on TAW (10 pound limit). Rather than have the TAW SPA, and a SPA girl load, the TAW walked around and audited trucks all day while a supe loaded all day. Just plain stupid. If the supes spent time training rather than lounging around in the office we wouldn't miss our PPH 4/5 days a week and we wouldn't have a center average of 1/500 misloads, that doesn't include the 4-5 misSPA's every day because the SPA girls talk all day instead of focusing on their job.
  13. wow that sounds like a rough center. I can count the times on one hand that I've had to load since becoming a supe. Save for when the bout of the flu went around my line, I have rarely loaded. Your supes get to lounge in the office?!?! Where are you, I'm putting in my transfer tomorrow....haha kidding.
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    not really the training sup is pretty much a good job in the hub.nothing to do everyday, just walking around the hub and do some paper work.thats it and also nobody will yell at them hahaha