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    Heard on the news this morning a quick blurb about 500 jobs being cut at UPS because of the drop in NDA shipping.I think the story said somewhere in the Carolinas,any info or truth to this?
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    If you had the flu today and stayed home you are one of the 500
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    J-man don't you have anything better to do?
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    Aren't they offering you any TAW or is your Dr. keeping you out?
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    Not workers comp they wont even let me go in for my safety meetings

    do not want me on the books
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    Stay positive.Gotta go,just saw a half-naked woman walking into my bedroom.Buh-bye!
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    Is my wife there again
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    Job cuts in air sorts in Dallas-Ft Worth and Columbia, SC at about 250 employees per location. In addition to 60 aircraft mechanics across the country, due to the decrease in Next Day Air volume.
  10. browniehound

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    We knew it was coming. Even UPS is not immune to deep economic recessions. These layoffs are tiny compared to what most companies are laying off. However, when the layoff is one person and that person is you, nothing is tiny.
  11. PASinterference

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    Lets cut some IE jobs and bring common sense back to UPS. Just try it for a year or 20.
  12. UPAXED

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    I.E. is a good start to trim the fat and think of the money UPS could sell all those little cubicles for. How about the big fat $50K bonus checks that go to these incompetent gateway managers that are clueless. And then there is that brown money pit of a car.
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    Thanks for the info,never good to hear of people not working when there's so much waste throughout the company.
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    I'am at DFW and I'am not being laid off after 14 years . I was working 6am to 3pm now I will start working Feb 15th 3am to 7:30am then 5pm to 9pm each day Tue-Sat .
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    Good news - it may not have been exactly what you wanted but it still pays the bills. Good luck on the sleeping part.