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    Hi everyone, does anybody know how long you can be out of work before UPS calls you back ? I was terminated 2 and a half weeks ago for a minor offence; the center manager is a complete a-hole and feels he can mess with with a person's life if he doesn't like you. I have been emailing and calling the BA and have been getting vague answers. My question is does this look like it will go to arbitration or does UPS like having drivers sit at home in limbo with no income?

    I am a 13 year driver and have never been a management brown noser or ass kisser but am not a sh-- disturber.
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    "Minor offense"?? What exactly are you accused of?? "Calls you back"?? Dont expect it. Call your union hall and find out if they filed for arbitration for your case.
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    I was out for 2.5 weeks for NOT touching one of the many packages pitched in the woods. In a very rare move by UPS, I was called back. Why? The NYS troopers had just showed them one of the trunk fulls of packages they had found. On the route of the same driver everyone knew had been doing it because of his hundreds of tracers.

    Do you think they called me back because they felt bad, or they were covering their ass?
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    OP, do you think your union rep is on here? We can't even give you our opinion on your discipline because of lack of full details. I advise you to call your local union and discuss it with them. Domt give out to much info on here could come back to hurt you if you misspeak.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. As it turns out there is a meeting scheduled for this Monday ( I was just advised by phone call ). Hopefully be back at work next week; will keep you guys updated. Next question; should I get my lost wages paid to me or will UPS tell me I should be thankful I was taken back ? If I press for lost wages ( 3 weeks worth ) am I going to have a target on my back when I return ?
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    What often happens at that meeting is that they offer you your job back with no back pay. If you don't take the offer, they take you to panel and drag it out and you have no guarantee of winning at panel. Most drivers take the deal. Your choice.
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    You have no shot at back pay, I have been in office, and arbitration hearings. It's sad, they play that game, But there are no jobs out there and they know you are not going anywhere.
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    Thanks for the insight 2slow and littleboybrown. As it turns out I have to wait a few more days to see what happens. I know the division manager just wants me to sweat a little more. Thankfully I have a little financial cushion to help out. Really has been an eyeopener as to what low class, inhuman a-holes these guys really are. The worst is when I get back I will most likely hear how my replacement did 20 more stops then me daily...:angry: