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    Can you start out as a driver than a package handler? Or do you have to be a package handler first then become a driver?
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    You start out by using the search button on this site
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  4. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

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    driver = full time
    package handler = part time
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    If you started as a full time driver hired off the street, you would be considered an "outside" hire. UPS, contractually, has to hire six "inside" (meaning part time UPS employees) to every one "outside" person. And, most of the "outside" hires are supervisors who want to go driving or, less rarely now, go into full time management.

    So, if you wanted to be hired off the street as a driver, your chances are not so good. At bigger centers and hubs, they sometimes hire seasonal full time drivers.

    Part time work is a low pay, hard work job. I have come to think of it as a ritualistic college fraternity-type hazing. If you can cut it with this type of work for one to eight years part time, you will get the opportunity to go driving. Worth the wait if you like the work.